dan simpson

A crowdsourced poem by Dan Simpson

This is entirely made up of things people tweeted about #TravelBetterLondon during the first week of the campaign. Dan searched the hashtag on Twitter and then assembled the below poem for you. Enjoy!


Watch out
listen out
poets about.

There’s Always A First For Everything:
Smiling in the tube
really brightens your day
stops commuting being so robotic.
Let’s hear it for escalators!

Why did no one tell me about this earlier
it certainly put a smile on my face
Poets in residence leaving wordy winners
all over the underground.

There’s some *brilliant* stuff on the Tube
Underground’s gone poetiquette crazy
Connecting London commuters
In an underground station malarkey.

I met a really cool poet
I’m not normally a fan of poetry
but I do love this
Bumping into poets in Waterloo
Thanks very much
More of this please capital!

That’s how we do it:
the raw enthusiasm
of our poet-word buskers
is definitely making
commutes less painful.

Instead of rushing home tonight
I will be hanging around Stratford station
Innovating, collaborating
and always enjoying
a Tube pasted with poetry.


A mini documentary about a day recording music in his bedroom with musician Dan Simpson.
All music performed by Dan Simpson (When a Knight Won His Spurs (Interlude) available @http://iamthedans.bandcamp.com/album/…)
Filmed, directed and edited by moi.


Dan Simpson’s original song “Be Strong” filmed on South Bank, London

check him out on social media sites such as twitter facebook tumblr soundcloud youtube lastfm and thisismyjam under the name/url iamthedans

thanks to Matt for percussion

directed, edited, sound recorded, you know the score it was all me apart from the performing and writing bit