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Sugarboy - Attack of the Sack

Sugarboy narrates this dark thriller about a slick detective and his quest to bring an evil serial killer, “Sack Face” to justice.

Episode Credits:

Sugarboy - Anthony Lumia 
Max Coolman – Alex Elliot
Doug- Jack McBrayer
Jimmy- Jimmy Fallon
Lab Assistant- Morgan Grace Jarrett
Principal Carter- Hannibal Buress

Above Average Producer: Caroline Chewning 
Music by: Jake Zavracky
Additional Music by: Power Glove
Set Designer: Lisa Opsal
Sound Design: Justin Ulbrich
Color Correction: Chris Tartaro
Visual FX: Tara Donnelly/Nir Levy
Hair & Makeup: Erin Hendley 
Hand Drawn Title Cards: Sergio Gusella

Everyone works really hard on this. We hope you enjoy it!

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So so so happy about this episode of Acting Reel Master Database! Shannon Coffey is Betsy Shmorsh! Check out other great guests like Neil Casey, Amy Stiller (yes that Stiller), Pam Murphy (voice), and Olympic Gold Medalist Oksana Baiul! Premiered on Wednesday Feb 9, at Channel 101 NY. Directed and Edited by Dan Opsal, produced by Lisa Opsal!


Sugarboy - Bike to the Future

In this brilliant Web Series, a little kid that’s hopped up on sugar tells a crazy story which are brought to life in live-action form.  The results are insane. 

There are several movie reference littered throughout and they are perfectly integrated.  I don’t want to spoil too much of the fun here, but there is a theme.  Here’s a hint: Indiana Jones, BTTF and Jaws are all here.

Where else can you see a kid accidentally create a time-traveling bike while attempting to concoct a potion to make his dog talk?  And that’s just the beginning.

Watch on fallontonight.tumblr.com

Behind the Scenes - “Ronald McDonald” (click to play)

Sometimes we have to make last minute changes to the show…


Well, this is exciting. 

New episode of Sugarboy! Grandparents with Guns!

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