dan milano



Excited to announce that we’ve picked up a new show, Glitch Techs, and season two of The Loud House is now in production.

Congrats to Glitch Techs creators Eric Robles & Dan Milano and The Loud House creator Chris Savino (plus his fantastic crew). Can’t wait to see more awesome TOONS!!!

Read the full announcement at Variety.

But above all
we fear nobody.
I will not stand and watch for any single person ruin music for the world, I will not stand for any person to put hating into our hearts.
We are the author of our souls and our feelings.
We will love each other and we will have no fear. No matter what happen to the world, we will find peace.
I propose a toast to humanity, to peace, to love, to not judging our neighbour, to not looking to each other and seeing religion, race, or creed or sexuality but seeing each other as brothers and sisters around the world.
—  Dan Reynolds