dan mckay

Next time somebody asks you which recent DC film had the better Joker and Harley, bring Wander in to throw in his two cents.


“Bonjour, je-you know what, if you’re who I think you are, English is your native language. Hi, I’m Heather. Oh, uh, don’t mind Minette. Believe it or not, this little process of hers helps her relax. So, you are…Sonny. Interesting name. I hope you last longer than the last one-she was here all of ten minutes before she quit…”


Got back from seeing The LEGO Ninjago Movie today, and I’ve gotta tell ya: While it isn’t as awesome as the other LEGO movies, and it isn’t the most original despite ironically being based on an original LEGO property, it’s still an entertaining romp of amazing animation with some good laughs, good action, and an enjoyable cast of characters brought to life by some fun performances mixed with a good heart and some great emotional scenes. There are some people who’ll be fans of this movie and some who won’t, and honestly, you can count me as one of the fans.



At this point, given the LEGO films’ track record thus far, and how good the first trailer was, I’m not surprised this looks as amazingly fun as it does.