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hey bitches, i’m doing prompts because i have  absolutely nothing to do and i wanna be useful to tumblr 

BY THE WAY whoever i took these from please don’t summon lucifer to kill me unless it’s mark pellegrino then i’m okay with it 

please be clear on how you want it and who you want it with just leave them in my ask

1. “Are you kidding me right now?!”
2. “I’m going to kill you!”
3. “You did all of this for me?”
4. “I made my baby cry!”
5. “I’m in love with you.”
6. “Can I kiss you?”
7. “You’re so goddamn hot when you’re mad.”
8. “Will you be quiet?!”
9. “You are a bloody idiot, you know that?”
10. “You love me.”
11. “I didn’t ask for any of this!”
12. “I hate you so much I love you.”
13. “Just leave me alone.”
14. “I can’t believe you just did that.”
15. “Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.”
16. “Please.”
17. “Cuddle me.”
18. “Give me that back!”
19. “Well…this is awkward.”
20. "Are you scared?”
21. "What are you doing?”
22. "If we get caught I’m blaming you.”
23. “That came out wrong.”
24. "Shut up and kiss me.”
25. "Help me…I’m stuck.”
26. "What am I going to do with you?”
27. "Stop distracting me!”
28. "You said my name in your sleep.”
29. “It was just a dream.”
30. "Trust me.”
31. “Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me?”
32. "I made a mistake.”
33. “Is that a challenge?”
34. “Where did you learn to dance?”
35. “Did I stutter?”
36. "I’m going to regret this.”
37. "Do that again.”
38. “Did I just say that out loud?”
39. "I need your help.”
40. "If I die I’m going to come back and haunt you.”
41. "Well this is a surprise.”
42. "Am I dreaming?”
43. "Make me.”
44. “How long have you been standing there for?”
45. “Wait a second…are you jealous?”
46. "Stop it.”
47. "We’re just friends.”
48. "Did you just flick me?”
49. "I think I forgot how to breathe.”
50. "Woah.”
57. "You don’t understand, you never do!”
59. "It’s all your fault…”
60. "Well…that’s just great.”
61. "Are you even listening?”
62. "I’m going to walk away and pretend I didn’t see anything.”
63. "I thought you loved her.”
64. "Time changes people.”
65. "You, my friend, are a complete and utter tosser.”
69. "You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.”
70. "Oh yeah, because you’d be so good at this!”
71. "I’m sorry.”
72. "That night never happened.”
73. "Don’t you dare!”
74. "Um…somebody broke that.”
75. "Stop biting that goddamn lip.”
76. "You’re hot, shame about the personality.”
77. "You’re going to get us expelled!”
78. "Wow…thanks a lot.”
79. "Why are you walking around half-naked?”
80. "You owe me big time.”
81. "Awe it’s so cute!”
82. "Are you hitting on me?”
83. "If I die you’ll be sorry!”
84. "Help me hide!”
85. "You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind…”
86. "I don’t know how you convinced me to do this.”
87. "Is that… is that my bra?”
88. "Really? Right now?”
89. "Where are your pants?”
90.You’re my soulmate?”
                                                                    100. “don’t look at my browser history!”   “too late”     “first of all, ew”

coming up this week...

hey guys!

so, i’m going to be away for the next week, but i wanted to keep stuff being posted even though i’m potentially away from wifi.

every day at 10am BST (UTC +1) i have queued an imagine to be posted, from the 5th till the 12th august.

so the plan of imagines is as follows:

5TH: Lydia Martin
6TH: Archie Andrews
7TH: Mieczyslaw Stilinski AU
8TH: Stuart Twombly
9TH: Dan Howell SMUT
10TH: Luke Hemmings
11TH: Scott McCall
12TH: Mieczyslaw Stilinski AU

i hope you guys do like the content i put up, because i don’t think i’ll be able to check any social media properly. love you guys lots, and see you in a week or so!

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The Hell of Having a Crush

• The endless thought about them • The excruciating pain from just seeing them talk to another person • Saying something to them that you regret 5 minutes later • All you want to do is talk about them to your friends, but then you have to be subtle about it because you don’t want them to know you are obsessed with the person in question • Trying to sort out your feelings like “FML” • Looking at them and not knowing what to do • It’s impossible to know what they are feeling/thinking • Thinking about how much of a disaster it would be to be weird in front of them • You are weird in front of them • It’s a disaster • Then you spend 3 hours lying in your bed wondering how your 16 step plan to make them love you failed right before your eyes Then there is the worst part You realize they won’t like you back