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the earth is 4.54 billion years old and

you’re alive at the same time as this kid

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and this kid

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and this kid

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this kid too

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also this kid

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this kid

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these kids

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those kids

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and many many more, so if you’re ever feeling down, know that you’re pretty fucking lucky to be alive right now 

Preference #9 ~ Reaction to Hate From the Fans

Jack Maynard:

Conor Maynard:

Joe Sugg:

Caspar Lee:

Dan Howell:

Phil Lester:

(B/C Zalfie is honestly everything)


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A lil hot Joseph here for you 😏💕

20th Photo || Joe

Request: Can u do an imagine where the reader is Conor’s best friend since forever and is Dan’s sister and is Joe’s girlfriend (is it too much??) I have no story line sorry. Again love ur writing . Thanks !!

I hope this was alright! It was kinda hard to go with no prompt but I made what I could x


Today your brother, Dan, was coming over with Phil to the flat you shared with Conor, Jack, and Josh. The boys were all planning on filming a few collabs. You had been friends with Conor for a while now, and ever since your friendship blossomed, the collabs between Dan, Phil, and the buttercream boys and become quite a bit more frequent.

You felt like it had been ages since you had seen Dan and Phil. Even though you both lived in London, it seemed as though you hardly visited each other. Needless to say, seeing each other today would be exciting.

There was one, small thing, however, that Dan didn’t know about you; you were dating Joe. Dan had nothing against Joe- he loved him in fact. Dan just didn’t talk to you about relationships. Everyone assumed that the role of an older brother was to be overprotective of the sister, but that just wasn’t Dan. You didn’t talk to him about his relationships and he didn’t talk to you about yours. Whenever you chatted, it was usually just about your friends and the fun adventures you had been going on while you were apart from each other. The fact that you were dating Joe just never came up. After all, you and Joe had only been dating for a little over two months. It wasn’t like you lived with each other. You felt like, until you were really secure in your relationship with Joe, it was better to continue living with your best friend, just in case something were to go wrong.

The buzzer to your flat went off and you eagerly went to go let Dan and Phil in. “Hey,” the boys said simultaneously, each pulling you into a hug.

“It’s so good to see you,” you said to them both. All of the buttercream boys were sitting in the living room but quickly got up to greet the other boys. You always loved seeing your best friends with your brother. It was good to know that they got on well with each other.

For the collab on Joe’s channel, they decided to have Dan, Phil, Joe, Caspar, Oli, and Mikey play Game of Phones. They didn’t want to have everyone play it or they probably wouldn’t even all fit in frame. That was fine for everyone though as it was just as fun to watch them play. After about ten minutes of playing, Dan drew the next card. “Okay, this is a fairly easy one,” he stated. “Show the 20th photo on your camera roll.”

“This could end very badly,” Phil laughed.

“Phil, what could you possibly have on your phone that you can’t show?” Dan joked back.

“You don’t know the things on my camera roll!”

You were just scrolling through your phone absentmindedly when all of a sudden, all of the boys started laughing. “What? What is this?” Mikey asked from one end of the couch. Dan had Joe’s phone in his hand and was showing it to the camera.

“Snogging my sister!” Dan shouted, exasperated. Your face was beat red as everyone was looking from you to Joe. “Are you two dating?” Dan asked, still laughing.

Joe nodded, “For just a few months.”

Suddenly, Dan burst out laughing again. “What’s so funny?” you asked from off camera.

“I thought,” he had to pause to laugh again. “I thought, after all this time, I thought you were dating Conor. Like, I literally never asked because I just assumed.” At this, everyone continued laughing.

“Maybe we should talk more,” you said to Dan through tears of laughter.

“Yeah, maybe,” he said back. Once you all stopped laughing, the boys continued playing the game. Dan occasionally made jokes about you, Conor, and Joe, causing you to laugh at all the weird boys you had in your life.

Preference #7 - Another Guy Tweets About the Two of You

Dan Howell: 

Phil Lester:

Joe Sugg: 

Caspar Lee: 

Jack Maynard:

Oli White: 


Jack Maynard

Conor Maynard

Josh Pieters

Joe Sugg

Caspar Lee

Oli White

Dan Howell

Phil Lester

Zoe Sugg

Louise Pentland (SprinkleofGlitter)

Marzia Bisognin

Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

Any of the names above are available for me to write about. BUT if you want me to write about someone who is not on this list then send it in and I will do the best I can!

I’ve noticed that not many of the girl youtubers are written about and that’s a shame!

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“He hasn’t l-loved me for a-a while.”

Something I wrote based on ’s video edit that I highly reccomend you to check out, I will be linking the post on my twitter so i’d highly suggest you check it out so you can get a idea on where I’m coming from and trying to put together. :) you might cry a little bit but go watch it seeing as its fucking amazing!

Dedicated to: @luminescent-jaspar

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SUMMARY: Did they love each other anymore?

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They’d been fighting a lot lately.

More than usual.


“Well maybe I want to bloody go out and spend time with my mates instead of being in this goddamn flat stuck with you!” Joe shouted.

Caspar winced but he kept his head held high and went back to his email that he’d been writing to one of his agents. He didn’t cry anymore when him and Joe fought. He didn’t let himself break and feel terrible because they always fought lately.

It was like a routine.

“I told you, Joe. Go out to the pub and have fun while I stay here and work.” Caspar said calmy as he typed.

He could hear Joe let out a noise of anger and soon his laptop screen was being slammed shut and if he hadn’t moved his hands away from the key board like he did in that second then his fingers would’ve been in some deep shit.


Caspar looked up sharply at his boyfriend, his eyes were wide and he could see just how pissed off Joe actually was.

“I’m so sick of having to go out without my boyfriend because you want to stay at home and work on your stupid videos. Do you know how it feels?” Joe shouted.

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Absolutely Nothing ~ Jack Maynard (Requested)

Request(s): Do you know Dan Howell? And would you be okay incorporating him in a fic with Jack? and Could you make it as if y/n is Dan’s ex and now she’s kinda with Jack and one day one of yours and Dan’s friends is in the hospital so their kid is left with you and he comes over to take care of the kid with you and jack sees them and gets sad/jealous but you and Dan assure him that its fine and you actually like Jack

Word Count: 2,489

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so my friend and i call ourselves the #artisticduo and this is a product of less than two months of us working together. Dany provides the drawings, i add the splash of color. The drawings you see isn’t even my entire wall, and they range from drawings of troye, connor, tyler, joe, caspar, conor, jack, dan, phil, kian, and a few others!

just thought i’d show you guys!

illustrated by @rushermushroom
colored by me