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the earth is 4.54 billion years old and

you’re alive at the same time as this kid

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and this kid

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and this kid

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this kid too

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also this kid

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this kid

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these kids

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those kids

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and many many more, so if you’re ever feeling down, know that you’re pretty fucking lucky to be alive right now 

Preference #9 ~ Reaction to Hate From the Fans

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Preference #7 - Another Guy Tweets About the Two of You

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OCEAN EYES || Joe Sugg

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A/N HELLO! my second Joe Sugg imagine, I’m feeling quiet positive abiut this one. I hope you enjoy it! xo

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As I walked the London’s streets, passing by the extraordinary buildings, examine every single building closely. Gazing up the bitter sky as the birds chirp away. As the wind blows in my direction hair flowing in every direction; creating a birds nest. Which doesn’t bother me at all. So much to do, in one city although when you look close enough not all souls were happy, and Y/N was one of them.

An unfortunate soul that has to live this horrific life that she never wanted, born and raised in London the south end; with a strong posh voice that she always despised. London was never a place she called home nor a place to enjoy living. Y/N never knew what was wrong with London - actually, nothing was wrong with London, absolutely nothing. But in Y/N petite head; she thought that London was an absolute mess and she wanted to leave, fly away from the reality just like birds do. Even though Y/N wishes would never come true and she knew that very well, out of all the people that she knew well every single one of them could say the same.

She was trapped in London and she could never get out, for so many different reasons. one: her family lived here and as her mother and father are so ill, she couldn’t just leave them behind she would feel negligent like she doesn’t want to help her family. Y/N loved her family to full extend so leaving them in this enormous city would make her paranoid with terrible thoughts.

Two; Y/N knew leaving the city means leaving her best friend, Abbie, and the thought of leaving Abbie for Y/N was heartbreaking enough that she couldn’t live or do daily tasks that were needed without thinking that she has left Abbie alone. Abbie is a very exquisite girl and is such a lovely person, although, one word can describe her the best is: melancholic. meaning she suffers from depression and in any circumstances, there is a chance that she would try suicide as an escape. Y/N remembers the time she tried to suicide like it was yesterday, it was so vivid for her that she cried herself to sleep for days after the incident. Abbie was the only friend Y/N had and she didn’t want to lose her; losing Abbie means losing her life the little bit of light she gets from Abbie would be taken away and never brought back.

Walking around London gives her time to think about everything and how her life ended up the way it is. Y/N had one problem more like a bad habit and that was; trust issues. After her abhorrent break up (yes it even surprised Y/N that someone was interested in her that way) She never wanted to let anyone back in. She didn’t trust anyone, there was a moment when she didn’t want to trust her own father! Which was petrifying for Y/N as she loved him with her full heart and trusted him all of her life.

She knew the break up damaged her, but she didn’t get any help nor visited the therapist; which suggested her grandma. She felt isolated, alone but she didn’t want help. Y/N was and still is a very stubborn girl. Thinking that it was a natural reaction and everyone goes through the same after a breakup. But deep inside of her she knew that this wasn’t right and she needed to get fixed or to get help.

Y/N never listened to her instincts and carried on with her life like nothing happened. When it was a year after the break up she could say that she recovered and felt much more delighted and smiled every day.

A deep sense of smell hit Y/N which made her hum in delight, closing her eyes and reopening them again, she looked up to be met with a cafe. A small grin appeared on Y/N face and she skipped across the road into the coffee.

Entering she was hit with a smell of coffee which she fondness. I wandered to the cashier ordering a small black coffee, as she nodded and said it will be a minute. I beamed with excitement and sauntered to the spare table next to the window, which had the most alluring view I have ever seen.

I heard this cafe was only opened yesterday and so many people are already visiting, it was truly mesmerizing, she watched out the window as to how people strolled by, some were rushing but some just was enjoying the sunny weather. It was a blistering day in London today, I was not going to lie it was one of my favorite days.


Y/N swollen her last bit of coffee and placed in on the table, she took out her phone to see what was the time and her eyes widened in realization; she has spent nearly over two hours she pulled a face looking up she shook her head in annoyance. that probably why the cashier was giving her funny looks earlier.

Y/N usually spends a lot of time in the cafes rather than outside. So many thoughts ran through her mind today that she wanted some alone time to herself. Whenever Y/N would come home late she would explode with apologies, tearing up a bit thinking her mother and father must be very vexed with her. Usually, her mother would tell her to calm down and take a nap. Mother and father would never be crossed with Y/N they knew how much she did for them which they were glad for to have such daughter.

“Sorry.. didn’t mean to intrude but is this seat taken?”

Y/N jumped a little she was a caught up in her thoughts again, she cursed in her head. She looked up and was met with blue ocean eyes, it made her trip and fall. She could look into those eyes forever and never get bored. There was so much in them that she wanted to know more. His fluffy blonde hair was quite messy probably the wind ruining it. She imagined running her hands through them.

She realized that she was staring now, and bit the inside of her cheek and shook her head lightly.

“Sorry, no no it isn’t. I was about to leave anyways so er, yeah..”

Y/N cursed, at how awkward she was and she stuttered what was wrong with her for the past year or so no one made her stutter in this way like she was nervous. She felt the heat rise in her cheeks, coughing a bit she looked away not making any eye contact to terrified to look at the stranger’s charming eyes.

“So why’s a pretty lady sitting on her own on such a beautiful day?” he asked.

Wow. was the word that rushed through her mind. Pretty she never thought of herself pretty so having this stunning creature like him telling you this cathed you of guard.

“You know just needed some alone time, but the weather is so glorious today not going to lie”

“That understandable, I do that quite often too, as I get caught up in work alone time is always a good one” he agreed.

It felt like we spoke for centuries I have never spend so much time speaking to a stranger like I did with Joe which I learned his name was mid conversation. But I knew I had to head home. Mother must be concerned. we told goodbyes and parted our ways.

Whiles walking home I felt disappointed that I didn’t get his number or that he didn’t ask, but I guess he just thought of me as another boring soul which I had to agree on. But the feeling stuck with me all the way home.

Who knew that one boy could corrupt a war in my head.


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Prompt List # 1

{ Dan Howell }

~ “You’re Toxic, Howell.”

~ Makeshift

~ My Jigsaw

~ My Moon Is Gone

~ “Kiss Me!” Part 2

~ Dan’s Diss Track #2

~ Sorry, I’m Not Sorry.

{ Phil Lester }

~ Love At First Sight

~ Sweet Nothings

{ Conor Maynard }

~ Small Infinities

~ Forget Me Or Not

~ Fly Or Die

~ This Flower’s Wilted

~ Fucked Up

~ Fairy Tales Don’t Exist

{ Jack Maynard }

~ Giggles

~ Just Rough Sex

~ Call Me?

~ ‘Savable’

{ Jughead Jones }

~ We’ll Be Ok Part 1

~ ‘Interesting

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I’m so happy of seeing People who met their idols.
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I don’t feel jealous or something.
But I’m sometimes happy and sad at the same time.
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