dan loves justin

She needs to be protected at all costs


Happy Monday! Hopefully this week will be a good one.

Sorry for being pretty quiet lately. The world lost another great musician and the Darkling family lost a member. I never had the pleasure of meeting Denise but I knew of her from the Darklings documentary. My condolences to anyone who knew her.

Stuff like this always gets to me, and reminds me not to take things for granted. We so often forget that. Anyway, let’s all bounce now!

anyways the next part of that trans/nb sapphic gerbert au ive been writing is gonna have quinn in it and yes he will be a trans guy and its gonna be GREAT


Watch my friends Dan and Jared cover the best song from Justin Bieber’s new album (x)

Date // Dustin

It was around 4 in the afternoon and Justin’s parents had left about 2 hours ago, leaving Justin and Danny alone cuddling in his bed. Danny had eventually fallen asleep. So Justin slowly got up trying not to wake Danny, this was all apart of his plan. He knew Danny would probably be asleep for another two hours which gave him more than enough time to get everything ready. He had been planning this for weeks and he wanted it to be Perfect. He quickly placed a letter he had written next to Danny so he would see it when he woke up and Left the house to make the last minute preparations. 

// This is the letter. 

Hi Danny , 

So your probably wondering , were the fuck is Justin right now? Well you don’t get to find out just yet. This is the first part of the surprise and yes i said first because there is more. First though i want you to get dressed into something nice and go to the address i said below it’s just around the corner from here so you’ll see it straight away, it’s a little flower shop. Just tell the Lady there that your name is Danny. She will know who you are. See you soon Dan… 

Love Justin