dan layton

anonymous asked:

do you prefer to be called Dan or Daniel? (or any other weird and wonderful combo)

Okay. Buckle your seatbelts. Here we go.

Dan is fine.
Daniel is fine.
Daniel J is fine. (I rather like that one best, actually)
Dan Layton is fine.
Daniel J Layton is fine.

Dan J Layton is NOT FINE.

Call me Danny, even ironically, even nicely, even if you think you’re being super funny, and I will not hesitate to have you executed Night’s Watch style.


okay, #choqueretdéçu que Dual Destinies et Spririt of Justice soient en anglais

je dis pas que je m’étais habituée à la voix de Donald Fucking Reignoux dans Prof Layton VS AA

mais un peu (même si j’arrivais pas le prendre au sérieux, et que tous les 5 minutes j’étais genre “Donald Fucking Reignoux”)