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Reblog if you agree it's possible to be a big fan of someone without wanting a romantic or sexual relationship with them
  • Me: *starts reading a fanfic that gets updated every day*
  • Me: *finishes* *is in love*
  • Fanfic Author: yeah but you see...Since you like it so much I'm not going to update it for like a month.
  • Me: you doN'T UNDERSTAND

The Con was basically over, after the closing ceremony we were all waiting outside the panel room, in the hallway. After 10 minutes we started to sing “Carry On My Wayward Son” and there we go, Jensen, Misha and Jim appeared and joined us. After we stopped singing Jensen screamed so loud, and the big smile he had on his face was the most precious thing this con has brought to me.
After 1 month I can still hear that scream in my head and I can still see that huge and awesome man, who was standing right in front of us, saying “Thank you” looking like a living-sunshine.

[Thanks to my friend for this super-cute video ♥]

My dash is pretty dead!

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