dan is our man


✨Spending the next six days at our Ohana:: Dakota and Dan The Mans magical hOMe!!! We have felt so excited and thankful all day long exploring the property, featuring:::: indoor sauna, grand piano, jacuzzi tub, on a river with a bridge that leads to their healing temple lined with crystals and a massage table ~~ Dan is a vegan raw food chef who goes by DanTheMan on YouTube or LIFEREGENERATOR (check him out and make some delicious food!!) Enjoying a raw vegan pumpkin pie him and Dakota made :) Giving thanks to the creator for our happy family!!!

Mr. Nobody || Transistor (Game) Fanmix

Rough-voiced, lovesick existentialist, nonconformist, anonymous.

(A little tribute to our mysterious man in the sword.)

Jeopardy Dan Mangan // Crazy Ray LaMontagne // Robots Jamie Woon // Are We The Waiting Green Day // Wake Up Arcade Fire // Yellow Coldplay // One Song Glory RENT // Starlight Muse // Soul Meets Body Death Cab for Cutie // I’m Still Here John Rzeznik 


*art credit to alonmarquez.tumblr.com