dan is cringing so hard

a quick reminder this exists
oops i promise this is my last upload for tonight y'all probably sick of me main channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0psrevqudHBBTTkHcJ2iuQ?sub_confir...

@danielhowell ARE YOU CRINGING YET

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Cringing so hard at people asking where is dan when it was obviously a phil collab with a friend and he was so soft and genuine it was the best collab i have seen in a while (and also dan is always under the bed whenever phil has a collab lurking so calm down)

the phandom is simultaneously the most wholesome and most embarrassingly awful community 

i can just see other youtubers being all like “oh, you’re collabing with dan/phil? be prepared for the ONSLAUGHT of hate lmao”

like dan and phil would not want you to be negative towards the people they collab with, these people are their friends! the only comments anyone should make in these vids are supportive ones about the video itself smh