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Reblog with how you got introduced to Newsies!

Like what was the first time you saw Newsies (any of them) or first heard of Newsies? I’m curious!

Mine was when I was 11 years old. I was in fifth grade and it was at the end of the school year when we kinda learned everything we needed to know and our teachers didn’t have any more lessons planned so we would watch movies in class to pass the time. So our English/history teacher put on Newsies (1992), which was one of her favorite movies.

I know I REALLY liked it, especially “World Will Know,” and from what I remember, everyone else really liked it too! Which was impressive, bc we all thought we were way too cool for school. But I do have two distinct memories. One was the scene where the newsies were getting beat up bad by the bulls and things looked really bad, but then all these kids started popping up behind buildings with slingshots and Spot Conlon swings in and says “Never fear, Brooklyn’s here!” And we all CHEERED because we all knew how important Brooklyn was to the strike.

The second was the very end when ALL the working kids of New York show up to the strike and I got goosebumps, because that was the moment that the strike became something so much more than getting the newspaper price back down. It gave me chills.

Watching newsies is probably my favorite memory from grade school.