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Prompts: dan being fucked from behind please?/// I literally just need the kinkiest shit you can write, anything you want. Maybe bondage, and Neko!dan would be nice. Just a suggestion, you don’t have to write it if you don’t want to ;) -thanks, a friendly anon /// Can you do one where neko!Dan wants to try being Dom! and Phil lets him thenm ends up being Dom! because Dan can’t bring himself to boss Phil around or something along those likes? 

Author’s Note: its been like 1,000 years since I posted something sorry bout that anyways ilu guys i hope u like it <3 (1.7k words) 

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if dan and phil really are together, i’d be so happy. and it’s not because i ship them, or they’re really cute together, or it would be every phangirl’s dream come true, or whatever (though that is part of it). i just feel like it would make such a great love story, y'know? like, these two people, who were complete strangers, met through some miracle or twist of fate or whatever, and decided that they liked each other enough to spend the next 8 (and hopefully, many more) years of their lives together. they liked each other enough to create an entire life together, to the point where you can’t think of one without thinking of the other. it’s always dan and phil, phil and dan. i guess, i just love that someone can find their, well, life partner like that. it gives me hope that maybe someday, i can find someone like that for myself.

hey everyone! given the current blow up that is happening (read about it here. I won’t reblog just because I’m sure if you follow me you follow other Star Trek blogs and will be subjected to it a lot over the next few days) I just want to say that I love all the beautiful people here who make amazing art and write amazing fic and do amazing cosplay. you’re all amazing and special and I’m really proud to be in a fandom with YOU. you are what makes this fandom a beautiful place.

I’m so sorry that this has happened and made everyone scared and upset. I’m thinking of you and I love you <3

2009!Dan x Punk!Phil ~Lockerstuff~

Slowly Dan looked up at Phil. The older boy pushed him against the lockers in the empty hallway of their school. Dan swallowed and felt how Phil pushed his leg slowly up against Dans crotch. This was driving him crazy.

“Uh, Phil?”, Dan stuttered. “Where is this going?”. Phil didn’t respond right there. He looked down at Dan with his piercing blue eyes, chewing on his bottom lip. “Can’t you tell by my leg veeery close to your crotch and how i starve to fuck you hard?”, he said with a sarcastic tone, his voice deep and husky. “B-but we are missing classe-”, Dan tried to convince him but Phil shut him up, when he pushed him even harder against the blue lockers. 

The younger boy swallowed hard. Phil was now just a few inches from his lips away. “Anything else to say?”, he said, threat in his voice. “N-no”, Dan moaned and felt how blood was rushing down his body. This boy was killing him. Phil seemed to notice and smirked, while pushing up his leg even more until he was met with a loud moan and dans hardening length. “Fuck, Phil”, Dan whined, trying to be quiet as they were still in their school.

Phil grinned devilishly and moved one hand slowly around dans neck and then down his body. Dan stiffened. ‘Are we really gon-’. His thoughts were torn away from him as Phils hand reached his hipbone. Dan moaned again, letting his head fall against the locker. His cheeks reddened and he tried to avoid to look into Phils eyes. “Aww, Danny, not as cocky as before, huh?”, the Punk said, pushing a sweaty strand of hair out of his face. Phil licked his lips and watched Dan with hungry eyes. 

Dan was about to say something but Phil seemed to notice. “No, Dan, shut up”, he commanded, his eyes sparkling. “Make me”, Dan whispered and looked up at Phil with the cockiest grin he could manage at that moment. The older boy smiled and closed the distance between them, his lips meeting Dan’s. Passionately he pushed himself closer while he grabbed Dans hips to push his against them. Dan moaned loudly into the kiss, trying to get air, but not wanting to stop.

Phil took a few steps away and looked Dan up and down to see what a mess he had made out of the boy. “I’ll see you later at my house”, Phil whispered in Dan’s ear and started walking away. “I love you”, Dan said with his voice shaking. Phil turned and smiled. “I love you too”.

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what has my life become oh well 

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(P1) Ok I love dan, but do you ever feel like he sets the bar too high for himself sometimes and can come across as quite condescending & feels like his content is/should be better than others? I get he has 6M subs but I doubt 3M would unsubscribe if he did a tag or something like he claims. I remember in a liveshow someone said phils vids were better than his & he kinda laughed awkwardly and went 'really?' & it rubbed me the wrong way & he always says he's someone with 'integrity' which is

good for him but it kinda comes across like he’s putting others content (including phils) under the bus. Idk maybe it’s just me and it can’t be easy with his job but I wish he would loosen up a little he really seems to let negative [male] comments affect him (always talks about comments on the makeup vid but It got the views didn’t it?) I know it’s just because he’s proud of dinof and wants to produce ‘quality’ content but it sometimes comes across like he’s more of a superior channel

there are times that i become so angry and irritated with dan for doing this, thinking this, earnestly believing all of it despite how enormously bullshit and also internally contradictory it is… he says he has integrity and shouldn’t just make “what the people want” but then 98 percent of the reason he takes so damn long to post anything, be it a selfie or a dinof vid, is because he’s afraid of it not being up to the standards of “what the people want.” he acts like every dinof video he makes is such a work of art but then happily makes fuckin 8 million internet support groups which so transparently require zero creativity. he talks about being immune to being swayed by the masses on dinof and succumbing to something as lowly as a tag video but then openly dismisses the idea of doing a monopoly video on dapg because it wouldn’t cross 1M views in his opinion. and i want to highlight one of the most important things you said: he doesn’t ever see himself doing fluff content that most of his fans want like nail painting videos, possibly because he sees it as a request coming from much of the passionate “fangirl” part of his audience and although he doesn’t paint the distinction this clearly, he clearly sees that part of his audience as directly opposed to the more critical voices that he actually pays attention to and seems to make content for, which he always describes as male. that is so important. dan the feminist icon is just as susceptible to casual sexism as anyone–he notices the critical film guy from europe who’s tired of tatinof content. he notices the “edgy straight guys” who dislike the pastels and are in it for the memes. and ALL OF THE PRAISE he gets, from “fangirls,” becomes a blur of meaninglessness to him, not something he feels he should take as seriously as this often male-dominated critical voice. it could be because of the subconscious sexist tendency to deride anything that females like en masse (basically, denouncing “fangirls” for liking what they like, and liking it passionately.) but it could also just be a function of what we’ve always talked about with dan–that he focuses on criticism/negativity as a rule, and that the sheer volume of praise he receives all the time about every aspect of his being makes that praise meaningless to him (think about the way he reacted to people crying about his piano skills,, he was almost irritated about it and it makes sense in a way. if fans are going to be so extreme in their praise even about something that tbh wasn’t really that praiseworthy, how is he ever supposed to know which praise is “legit” or which praise he should take seriously?) he gets criticized so infrequently that he immediately takes it more seriously in a way that he doesn’t do for positive comments (and he discussed this directly in his live show yesterday saying that he has to doubt everything positive that people say about him in order to protect himself). but then he goes out of his way to characterize his critics as male and straight and i can’t help but feel that, whether consciously or subconsciously, dan lets his decision-making about his content be entirely swayed by dudes and catered to these dudes, bc it’s just innately harder to take (often young) girls/women/not-straight-dudes seriously. which sucks. 

anyway, i had a more positive thing i was trying to say which is that, anytime i get trapped in this cycle of annoyance and irritation (which clearly just happened as i was writing the above paragraph), i go back to thinking about how all of this behavior for dan is steeped in deep anxieties and insecurities about himself and this thing that he has dedicated his life to. it seems to really eat away at him (and more so in the last month surprisingly, in which the volume of his comments about dinof and the videos he posts there, as well as this quality threshold concept, have grown astronomically). so it’s important to not just focus on this annoying behavior but rather try to understand why dan succumbs to it and all of these fears and foibles that make him a complex and honestly v deeply self-conscious individual who has somehow decided to offer up so much of himself for public analysis and assessment. and i wholeheartedly disagree with your assertion that he extends these tendencies towards self-inflation and self-seriousness to phil’s channel and degrades it as a result. i think the way he has been so excitedly posting about the pastel edits video is a great example of exactly how he feels about phil’s channel. ofc there’s a distinction between AP and dinof, but AP is important to dan because it’s a space where he can be, in a way, more himself than he is on his own channel. and that’s important. so, overall, yes dan has a strong tendency towards pretentiousness,egotism, self-inflation, etc. but to me it’s a direct reaction to how deeply insecure he is about what he makes, how inextricably tied his videos are to his own sense of self-worth and life purpose, and how, in the broadest sense, he has a deep and profound need to be taken “seriously” as a creator, or, in other words, receive approval for the things that he makes from people with more critical tastes. 

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↳ Endless list of heartbreaking Falling Skies moments

REQUEST 6 ~ dad

A/n: I made as if Dan knew you from college.

“CHARLIE SLOW DOWN!” You yelled out to your 7 year old son as he went racing towards orcs nest. You decided to take him there after he mentioned he loved watching anime and you wanted to take him there to see what they had to offer. “Mum hurry up!” He shouted back. Once you finally caught up to him you walked inside the shop. Immediately you were taking back but how nerdy it was but you loved it. “Mum look over here!” You turned to see Charlie rushing off to a section of the store but also about to run into a tall man in a black coat. Charlie bumped into the man and fell back you jogged over to see if both of them were ok when you heard the man speak. “Hey dude are you ok?” You recognised the voice almost immediately. It was Dan howell, the same guy who was at your college. “Yeah I’m fine. I’m quite clumsy sorry.” “That’s ok mate so am I to be honest. Are here with anyone?” “Yeah my mum.” You walked up to them and Dan turned to see you. “Oh my god y/n how are you?” He pulled you into a hug. “Hey Dan I’m good thanks. Sorry about Charlie here.” Dan started smiling. “It’s fine. What you doing here in London?” “Um I moved down here last year.” “Oh amazing. Do you guys want to get some lunch and catch up?” “Sure we would love to.” You three headed to Starbucks and then went to the park. Charlie ran off to play in the playground while you and Dan sat on a bench chatting. “So Charlie’s your son?” Dan asked. “Yeah he is.” “ I hope you don’t mind me asking but why did you move to London?” You looked down at your feet. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” Dan comforted you. “It’s ok. Well after I had Charlie his dad didn’t want anything to do with him. So I had to take care of him on his own. He doesn’t know who his dad even is. I worked for a few years in Manchester until I got transferred to a branch in London and so I felt it would be best to take it so i did.” “ oh I’m sorry about his dad. But I’m glad your happier now though.”

-few months later-

“Hey Dan do you want to watch death note?” Charlie asked Dan who was sitting on your sofa. “Sure kiddo put it on.” You and Dan had been hanging out a lot over the last few months and last month had asked you to be his girlfriend. Of course you said yes as you saw how well Dan had been getting on with Charlie. “What are we watching boys?” You asked sitting down next to Dan. “Your favourite anime mum” “oooo death note!” Dan put his arm around your shoulders and you nestled into his side getting comfortable. After 5 episodes of the show you noticed Charlie had fallen asleep on your lap. “You tired there Charlie?” Dan asked. Charlie groaned. “Come here mate.” Dan got up and picked him up and brought him to his room. You walked behind them and peaked into the room. You saw Dan laying Charlie down in his bed and tucking him in. “Thank you Dan. I want you to be my dad. I’m going to call you dad.” Dan beamed down at Charlie. “That’s ok Charlie. I love you like a son. I would be proud to be called your dad.” Charlie had fallen asleep. You walked into the room with tears of happiness in your eyes and you wrapped you arm around Dan’s waist from behind. “You are honestly amazing Dan. Most guys would have freaked out if their girlfriends son called them dad.” You whispered. He turned around and pulled you closer. “Well mainly because they are all arses. But I love both of you so much and I would be happy and honoured to be his dad and maybe even your husband.” You pulled him into a loving kiss and both of you headed to bed. Thank god for orcs nest or else you would have never caught up with Dan again.