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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #44
  • *after some really good sex*
  • Dan: God, that was amazing
  • Phil: I guess you could say that was wonderPHIL
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Being a 20 year old virgin can lead to the worst but also to the best.

Hey ya’ll so once upon a time, a adorable, sweet talented writer buy the name of Kurbey asked me to collaborate and add a few pieces to her wonderful fic and I happily accepted! So i wrote the smut of course because I’m the crazy horny one and she wrote the beautiful rest! So pretty please check out her blog imaginethatdan because it is absolutely amazing. Ciao and if you liked please follow, like, reblog, or message me! Thanks for reading!


You look into the mirror for the last time checking your make up. You still weren’t sure if this date was a good idea. You had finally giving into Steve, a guy who you had classes with. He had asked you out multiple times and every time you had come up with some sort of excuse to say no because he wasn’t the guy you wanted to go out with. But the guy that you did wanted to go out with happened to be your best friend, Dan. Which meant that that was a dream that could never come true. So to get your mind off of Dan you had finally said yes to Steve.

A car honks outside. No turning back now, you think as you grab your bag and head outside. Steve takes you to a nice restaurant where you eat the most delicious food. It never gets quiet as he always has something to talk about and you can’t say that you’re having a bad time but you’re just not into it. All the topics that Steve talks about just don’t interest you that much. Which causes your mind to wonder off to the one person you were trying to not think about.

After having had your favorite dessert you are back in Steve’s car. Some cheesy r&b is playing and you are desperately trying to block it out. Because of this and the absence of a conversation, you are not paying attention to the road and only noticed that you are not at your place when the car stops. The car’s parked on the empty parking lot of the local shopping center. As you turn around to ask Steve what the hell is going on, his lips crash onto yours. You go into some sort of shock, causing you to freeze up and blank out. But 3 seconds later you snap back and push him off of you.

“What the fuck?” You scream as you whip your mouth with the back of your hand.

“Come on, babe.” He has a smug grin on his face and before you know it, he dives in again. He kisses you forcefully and pushes you back against the car door. One hand is high on your tight and the other hand is low on your neck. A million alarm bells go off in your head. This could not be happening. This simply could not be happening! His hands seems to move really fast as all of the sudden one hand is under your dress and the other is on your breast.

“No, no! Get off!” You push at him with all your power which effectively gets him off of you. You try to open the door but find it locked.

“What is your problem?” He asks with an irritated look on his face.

“My problem?! Keep your fucking hands off me, you ass!”

“Oh god, really? You gonna be like that? What are you, a virgin or something?”

You pull your dress down and look anywhere but at him. Yes you are a virgin and yes you are 20 but it isn’t like this is your choice. You believe in love but haven’t found it yet so yes you still have your v-card.

“You are, huh? Well I can change that for you.” His hand travels up your leg again. You slap it away and try to get further away from.

“Fuck off.” You can hear the fear in your voice and mentally slap yourself for it.

“Of course! I should have know you were a stuck up bitch. A pathetic prude really. Why the hell did you think I wanted to go on a date with you? Because I liked you? Oh baby,” He grabs your chin in his hand forcing you to look into his face, “I just wanted to fuck that sweet mouth of yours.” You snatch your face lose. Never in your life have you felt this embarrassed and hurt.

“Well, seems likes I ain’t going to be fucking you tonight so get out.”

You hear the locks opening. You grab your bag and nearly fall out of the car in your haste to get out. You hear the door being closed and you have to jump aside to not get run over by an angry Steve who speeds away with a roaring motor.

You wrap your arms around yourself as you look around. You are standing alone in the parking lot, not knowing how to get back to your dorm and cold because you didn’t have a jacket. You rumble in your bag looking for your phone. As you lift it to your ear, you feel just how hard you’re trembling. After 3 rings the phone on the other side gets picked up.


“Dan?” Seems your voice is shaking just as hard as your hands.

“Y/n? What’s wrong?”

“Can you maybe come and get me?” A tears slides down your cheek. Great, now you weren’t going to be able to stop.

“Get you? Weren’t you on a date? What happened?” You hear how the worry gets overpowered by anger in his voice and how he seems to be moving around.

“Can you just come and get me? I’m at the parking lot at the shopping center.”

“I’m on my way.” You hear how he gets out of his flat and into his car before the line dies. As you put your phone away, more tears make their way down your cheeks. You know that Dan will be there within 5 minutes as he lives close by but he comes to a screeching stop way faster than that. He leaves his car running as he gets out and with a couple of powerful strikes he’s standing before you pulling you into his arms. Every emotion just hits you at once. How scared you had been that Steve wouldn’t stop, how you had feared that you wouldn’t be able to get out of his car. How embarrassed and hurt you were by what he had said. And how happy and relieved you are that Dan is here. You can’t suppress the sob that escapes you throat. Your whole body starts shaking as you cling to Dan who holds you even tighter. One hand holds your head against his chest, his other arm holds you tight against him and his chin rests on top of your head.

“It’s okay, I’m here. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. It’s over now. You’re safe. I’m here.”

His soothing soft words and calming heartbeat make the tears slowly stop but you’re still shaking. His hand runs through your hair as he asks if you’re okay. You lift your head as you nod. Before you get the chance to do it yourself, Dan cups your face in his hands and wipes the remaining tears away with his thumbs. His gives you a quick kiss on your forehead before he takes you under his arm and leads you to the car where he opens the door to let you in. During the ride to his flat you try to compose yourself as your emotions and thoughts still run wild.

Once you both are inside, Dan sits you down and  asks again what happened. You start telling about how Steve asked you out multiple times and how the date went. You tell how you didn’t realize where you were until it was too late. How Steve tried to force himself on you and what his intensions were. And all the things he said to you.

Dan jumps up and starts pacing.

“I’m going to kill him. I’m going to beat him up until he’s fucking dead!”

“Dan, please. Just punching him in the face a couple of times will do.” You give him a small smile as he comes to sit next to you. He takes your hands in his and looks into your eyes.

“Promise me that you won’t believe one word of what he said? He’s a dick for not respecting you and there’s nothing wrong with not having done it.”

“Is it?” You ask as you pull your hands back.

I think there is something wrong with it. I think there is something wrong with me. I’m 20 years old, that’s not normal! I’m missing out on the basic thing that humans do. I want to know what the fuss is about. I want to know why it’s such a big deal and it bothers me that I don’t know and that’s all because I’m waiting for love.”

Now it was you who was pacing. Dan is looking at you with a look that you couldn’t quite place but you are too worked up to think about it.

“I’m done waiting. God knows how long it’s going to take before I find what I’m looking for. I just want someone who respects me and just get-get it over with.”

Your frustration has taken off and you are a bit out of breath after your little rant. Also, you are getting a bit nervous by the intense stare that Dan’s giving you.

“I respect you.” Dan says in a rather low voice.

“I would hope so with you being my best friend and stuff.” You mumble. Why did you start to feel so awkward? And why are Dan’s cheeks so red?

“No, you said you wanted someone who respects you. I do. And I know you and I wouldn’t hurt you and. And. Well, yeah, I totally would understand if you don’t want this but I guess, I guess I’m offering…”

That was unexpected. Your mind starts working on top speed. Is this a good idea? He is your best friend, would this ruin your friendship? And you already have a crush on him so there’s that problem too. But you have meant what you said. And he was offering. And now he’s getting up. And looking disappointed. And maybe even hurt. And fuck it all…


Dan’s head snaps up to look at you.

“Okay, I guess.” You say again as you bite your lower lip. You are both staring at each other and you see how Dan’s eyes start sparkling again. He slowly walks towards you and then reaches out a hand to you. You look at his hand and then let your eyes look up at his face. When you see his calm look and the hidden smile in the corner of his mouth, you reach out and let your hand slip into his. He slowly leads you to his room where he turns on his amber lamp, casting an orange glow in the room.

This is exactly what you’ve been afraid of. You have no clue what to do. You feel so awkward and nervous and your heart is beating so fast that you fear you may get a heart attack. You’re staring at your feet when you feel a tentative hand brushing your long hair behind your ear. You lift your head and look up into Dan’s warm brown eyes. Your breath hitches in your throat and a shiver runs over your spine. He cautiously cups your face in his hands, his eyes searching yours as if he’s just as nervous as you. You seem to drown in his eyes as you always do  and when you let your eyes flicker to his lips, it seems that that is all the permission he needs as he bents down to capture your lips with his. His hand slips into your hair as his other arm wraps around your waist to pull you close. A warmth from your core spreads through your entire body. You put your arms around his neck as your lips move with his. Even though his lips are always chapped, they feel soft and warm against yours. How many times you have dreamed of this, how much have you wished to feel his lips on yours. You start to forget that he’s just doing you a favor, that he’s just helping you with something you asked. Instead you start to think that maybe he wants you. As Dan pulls you even closer you feel a deferent kind of warmth spreading in you. When Dan’s lips leave you and he rests his forehead against you, you notice that you have forgotten to breath. You’re glad he’s still holding you close as you’re shaking and you’re afraid your knees might just give in. His hand slips out of your hair and onto your neck where his thumb softly rubs your skin. You lift your head a bit so you can look at him. His pupils are dilated and his eyes seem darker and you can hear that he’s breathing deeper.

“Dan…” You whisper but then his lips crash back onto yours. He’s no longer tentative as he kisses you passionately and begs for entrance. Your hands slip into his hair as his grip on you tightens so much he almost lifts you off the ground. Soon his lips leave yours to travel down your face to your neck and his hands start exploring your back. Not really sure what to do as you’re feeling to many things at once, you follow his example and let your hands explore his back. You have always had a love for his back and arms and you can’t contain yourself as your mind is too far gone. You slip your hand under his shirt and oh what a wonderful thought that was! It’s just as smooth and warm as you imagined. Dan gently starts sucking on your neck causing your eyes to fall shut. You feel his breath on your neck and a noise escapes your mouth. Soon his lips find yours again and you slightly stumble backwards as he walks you towards his bed. He gently puts you down and reaches behind his neck to pull off his shirt. As he lowers himself over you, all your doubts are gone.


He hovers over you for a few seconds, just staring, wondering, and you suddenly feel your cheeks heat up. Why is he staring at me like that? You think. Oh god I hope I don’t have something in my teeth, did I even brush my teeth? Ew what if I have lipstick on them?

“Y/N?” He whispers and pushes a strand of hair behind your ear, snapping you out of your daydream.

“Yeah?” You say softly.

He hesitates for a second, like he’s mentally debating whether to say whatever it is he’s thinking. “You’re beautiful, you know that?” His lips twitch at the edges as he shows that sexy sideways smirk that makes you weak at the knees every time. But of course, the only response you can give at the moment is to look down and blush, way too bashful at the moment, but Dan’s your best friend. He’s knows you just suck at taking compliments, and hate to blush, even though he loves it, and he knows that his compliments, no matter how little they are, mean the world to you.

He smiles a bit wider and dips his head down to leave sweet kisses up and down your neck, to let you get it together again. You bring your hand down and run it across his naked chest, feeling each muscle move with his breathing. You circle your hand back up to his shoulder blades then down towards his back and eventually to the front of his pants. You blush a little as you feel the little hairs near his pelvis. He grunts a little as and he tries to muffle it in your neck, but you definitely heard it and smirk to yourself. However, when his head swiftly lifts back up to look at you, you let it instantly fall, not wanting him to see how foolishly happy this is making you. Happy but nervous.

“Um, is it o-okay if I…” You ask shyly, hinting towards his jeans. You blush at the thought of seeing him in his boxers then eventually naked.

“You want to take them off?” He smirks. Goddammit he knows you want to but too shy to admit it. But there is something arousing about undressing him with your hands and watching as each layer sheds, bringing you closer to each other with each removal. You nod while biting your lip and blushing, hoping he doesn’t tease too much. “Alright baby girl, you can.” Hmm, baby girl, why is that so fucking hot? And where did these little names come from? Maybe it means he’s turned on, which is a good sign but maybe you’ll discover another sign as soon as you get those tight damn jeans off.

You lead your hands down to the zipper and your eyes follow as you feel his eyes burning and staring at you. You got to the belt first, then follow with the zipper and eventually button, going slowly because teasing is a good thing right? And also being somewhere between so excited you could have ripped his jeans open and so nervous you could have frozen at the spot, so this was a good pace for you.

As soon as they are loose he brings one hand down to take them off awkwardly as he tries to hold himself up with the other hand. But as he trying to take his jeans off and you’re helping him, his head swings around and hits you right in your cheek somewhat hard and you let out a squeak.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry.” He says with worry in his eyes, but because of the clumsy situation and the silence that you are used to when you’re with Dan, you giggle and it soon turns into a laugh as he joins you.

“Clumsy as always Howell.” You joke. Then suddenly, everything is normal again. I mean you’re still excited and horny and incredible turned on, but it didn’t feel like you were about to have sex for the first time with a person you’ve never even flirted with until this night, but like you’ve known him forever and whatever you do, it won’t be awkward or embarrassing because 1. You were already like that 2. So was he and 3. Because he’s your best friend and he understood. For once, someone understood what it was like to be as awkward and protected and just scared. But in a way, it made you feel the exact opposite; confident and free and happy. So incredibly happy you can feel it bursting from your heart and eyes and mouth as you smile up at your idiot of a best friend and he smiles right back. You look down and see him in his boxers, black Calvin Klein pair, and blush again.

“And awkward as always Y/L/N.” He laughs when he sees the tint on your cheeks. “As much as I want to make fun of you more…” He starts when his laughter dies down, “I am very close to naked and you are not and we should fix that. Come on, get up.” He says gently as he stands up off the bed and reaches his hands out for you to take. Once you are both up he leans down to kiss you and you both smile into it. Then you feel his large hands grip into the zipper by your neck and you shiver a bit at the touch. He detaches from your lips to read your expression as he slips the metal object down to your bum where it ends and he slips the sleeves off, kissing each shoulder as he does so. Then all at once that fabric falls to your feet, still wearing the heels you put on for your terrible, traumatizing date earlier. Weird, you completely forgot about that asshole.

His eyes explore the newly exposed skin, but not in a predatory disrespectful way, but curious and almost anxious look. You follow his gaze and look down and eternally roll your eyes at your totally mixed-matched underwear and bra. But you secretly thank God for remembering to shave. “Wow.” He whispers almost to himself and that’s when you scan your eyes over his entire body for the first time and notice the bulge in his boxers, and then his cute little love handles, his faint happy trail, then his ratty, messy hair, and enormous feet and everything in between. “Baby, come here.” He whispers breathlessly and you notice his fists clench and you wonder why. Nevertheless, you step forward so your chest is touching his and he brings his hand up to sweep some hair behind your ear and cup your cheek. His other hand is twitching forward to touch you then retracting back as he mentally decides whether to touch you or not.


“I just want to touch you. Damn I do, but you need to tell me if I can. I don’t want to be like that fucking twat who couldn’t keep his hands out of your shirt. I need you to know I want you but only if you want me too.” He rushes out and flickers his eyes around the room, avoiding your stare. You’re left speechless honestly, but out of pure happiness and affection.  You bring your hand up to cup his jaw and slowly bring his face to face yours. As his eyes meet yours, you smile, letting him know you are serene and comfortable with everything at the moment. You look down and hold the back of his hand in yours and bring it up to your breast, letting him hold you as you hold him.

“Touch me Dan.” You whisper, looking into his eyes. “I want you to.” You smile. His eyes light up and you bring your hand off his as he squeezes and fondles you and snakes his other hand around your waist, holding your bum in his hand. You reach up and place your lips on his in a passionate kiss.

He swipes his tongue across your bottom lip and in return making a daring move and bit his, pulling at it a bit with a smirk on your face. He leads you back over to the bed and sets you down to sit on it at the end of the bed and reach up to capture his lips in yours but he pulls back with a smirk, making you pout. “What’s wrong princess?” Usually, he uses that name to tease you, but this was now in a different manner, one you much preferred.

“I just like kissing you is all.” You blush and pout and he smirks at your honesty.

“How much do you think you’ll like it when I kiss between your thighs?” He whispers into your ear and you feel your breath sharpen at his words. “With my tongue on you…” He continuous as his hand runs down your curves. “And you moaning my name.” He smiles.

“Please.” You can’t help the whimper that emits from your lips, but begging seemed appropriate because as much as you hate to admit, you were desperate for him at this point. Without another word he kneels down between your thighs and slips the shoe of your right foot off and kisses your ankle before doing the same with the other side. His kisses move up your shaven soft legs one inch at a time and by the time he makes it to your thighs, you’re already panting. Then they get closer and closer to your heat and the anticipation is killing you softly. Finally, he presses a gentle kiss on the fabric covering you and you let an embarrassing noise of misery.

Then, he has the nerve to look up at you between his lashes with his sideways smirk and asks, “Can I?” as he tugs at the hem of your underwear.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You say under your breath and he just chuckles. “Yes, please Dan.” You sigh out. He smiles and slips the fabric off and you gasp as the cold air hits your wet core.

“Are you okay?” He asks seriously and you look down and run your hand through his hair. You nod before he says, “lay back baby.” You do as he says and you stare up at the ceiling until you feel his tongue take a bold long lick up your folds and you gasp out and grab a hold of his hair as the shock of inner electricity flows through you. “Is…that okay?” You hear him ask in a small voice.

“Yeah.” You breathe out. “Can y-you…do it again Dan?” You ask in such a small voice you wonder if he even hears it. But you know he does when his grip on your thighs tightens slightly and he lets out a deep breath, like he was holding his breath since he asked you.

“Okay.” He answers and you feel the warmth of his mouth cover over your heath as he sucks and licks your clit and you let out a strangled moan. It was so foreign and new and just felt so damn good that it was hard not to scream. He continues and alternates between kissing, sucking, and licking but you are so lost into it, you don’t know in what order and you don’t care. Moans are escaping your lips more and more frequently and after the first few, your face grows hot with embarrassment and you bring one hand up that was gripping the sheets, up to your mouth and covering it to suppress the embarrassing noises. Before the knot in your stomach can even intensify, his mouth leaves from between your thighs to the back of your hands covering your face as he gently moves them.

“Don’t’ do that Y/N, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He says softly, kissing your nose after.

You just groan and cover your face again, making him chuckle before bring your hands above your head, him holding them both in his one hand. “Why are you so embarrassed dude?”

Dude. Even naked and about to take your virginity, he says dude. But, you preferred it anyway.

“I don’t know… I’m just… I don’t know.” You chuckle a bit. “I was just a little too into it I guess.” You say shyly.

“Well…” He says as he runs his hands softly against your curves, tracing patterns into your soft skin, leaving a tingling anywhere he touched. “I kinda want you to feel good, I mean it’s sort of the point.” He giggles, making you blush again as you roll your eyes playfully.

“Whatever.” You giggle.

“Well, did it?” He asks bluntly.

“Wait what?”

“Did it feel good?” He says quietly and with a slight groan to his voice, almost like morning voice.

“Well, I mean…”

“Y/N, tell me how good I make you feel.” And suddenly his lips are on your neck and the fabric from his boxers are rubbing against your thighs and you realize he is rocking gently over you. “Beg for it, tell me you want it.”

Now usually, you would not intentionally beg, especially to a man who literally had you cornered and defenseless, vulnerable and needy beyond belief. But, it wasn’t the hormones or the passion making you give up your morals, it was that realization of it wasn’t begging, because you did want it and there’s nothing wrong with wanting something. And unbelievably he wanted it to, which considering since you are a virgin, never happened too often. And feeling good and making someone as amazing, sexy, beautiful, and kind as Dan feel good also, well what the hell’s wrong with that?

“I want it Dan. Please, I want you to make me feel good. ”

“Yeah?” he smiles and he looks up to you, nodding his head in encouragement.

“Yeah.” You smile.

He smiles back and kisses your nose. “Okay, so this is going to hurt but I promise I’ll take care of you. You trust me right?”

You softly kiss his lips and nod with a slight smile on your face. He’s your best friend, of course you trust him. However, you guess best friends aren’t really in your position, so nothing should be implied at this point.

“Yeah dude, I trust you.” You whisper with a smile. He smiles back and shifts his body, looking down at where your bodies now meet. Slowly, you feel his tip enter and then some until he’s only halfway. And oh shit, it does hurt. Now you’re really not one for crying, except for when you were sexual harassed, which to be fair, is understandable, but your eyes watered undesirably from the stinging down below. You could feel the intense stretch and your walls squeeze and contract trying to push the foreign body out. How do women give birth what the hell? Oh god, does it hurt him too? How much do I bleed? It’s so quiet in here, can we put on music? Please tell me he isn’t staring at me. Do I look hurt? I don’t want to offend him. Fuck, I wish we were watching Netflix right now. I think Mean Girls is now on. I really like that movie, haha it’s so “fetch”. Wait why the fuck am I thinking right now? Dan’s penis is literally in me and all I can think about is Mean Girls. To be honest, it’s better than thinking about the pain. Ow oh yeah the pain, fuck that hurts. Oh no eyes, don’t do it…

“Oh my god, Y/N are you crying?”

“N-no.” You breathe out pathetically.

“Do you want me to pull out, because I can…” He says as his length starts to move out, only adding to more pain.

“WAIT! Wait, wait stop Dan please.” You beg. You don’t mean to make him feel bad, but he needed to know. “Ow fuck.” You say under your breath closing your eyes briefly, but instantly regret it.

“Shit, I’m sorry Y/N I didn’t mean-”

“- I know Dan, it’s okay.” You try smiling behind your tears, making you chuckle out. He smiles sadly at you, wiping the tears away with his thumb. “Dan, I want you to move.” You whisper out kindly, subconsciously saying you are still completely okay and happy with the situation at hand.

“Yeah?” He smiles, but this time it’s not sad or fake, its genuine, your favorite one of his smiles.

You giggle, the pain subsiding now. “Yeah.”

“Alright.” He whispers, still looking right into your eyes, smiling. A few moments pass by before you speak up, “…Dan?”

“Oh right.” He mumbles before snapping out of his daydream, making you giggle. He cautiously draws his hips back then forward, making more of him sink into you and you hiss out. He gives you a worried and apologetic look but you quickly speak up.

“No, no I’m okay. Again.” You pant, closing your eyes. He does so and your back arches as the pleasure starts to flow through your veins, replacing the pain.

“Good?” He asks gently.

“Fucking amazing.” You moan out making him chuckle. His hips draw back then forward than back again, until you both are in perfect rhythm with each other movements. Even the sound of moans completes the piece creating the perfect orchestra, well, more like cheap mix tape. Nevertheless, the moment was hot and heavy but just right. Your mind starts to wonder, is this just a favor or confession? Is Dan just doing this because you wanted to lose your virginity and he was in the right place and right time or did he actually want to be with you. You know it sounds absurd, he’s your best friend for god’s sake, but all this, just felt too real. Every touch, and sound, compliment, baby, and look just seemed so real, almost like a dream you want to wake up to. You shake the thoughts out of your head, not letting stupid emotions ruin this moment for you. All you know is you’re with Dan and that alone could make you the happiest girl on earth. A few minutes of slow fucking pass by and you realize you still have your eyes closed shut, but not really intend on doing anything about it.

“Look at me.” A harsh whisper wakes you and you flutter your eyes open. He cradles your face in his hand and kisses your cheek. “That’s right baby, just look at me.” He groans.  You stare into his hard stare that on the outside seems tough but you can find the small glint of playfulness behind them, the one you always see when you’re with him. He rocks his hips faster, making you moan out loudly, immediately blushing. But of course Dan smirks, enjoying your bashfulness.

The staring contest doesn’t continue for long as his head dips down to your neck and ear, kissing his own path. He nibbles on your ear and his moans are becoming more frequently, sending chills down your spine. If it wasn’t considered creepy or socially unacceptable, you secretly wish you could record them because it’s the best sound you think you’ll ever hear in your life.

“I’ll never let another bastard man touch you again.” He moans into your ear. “Just me.” He says more to himself than you. “I’m the only one.”

You are a bit confused by what he says; you and Dan aren’t together? You never discussed what would happen after this, but the prediction is a very awkward morning. Okay, you really should stop thinking about this before it hurts.

“Fuck I’m close.” He moans and you know you aren’t but that wasn’t really a shock. You’ve heard you never do your first time, then again, everyone says your first time is terrible but this couldn’t be more stunning.

His hands start roaming your entire body, from the curve of your hips to the hills of your breasts and up to your soft hair. You claw down his back, feeling so good all around. You’re a moaning mess as well, even if you’re sure you aren’t going to orgasm tonight.

You muster up some courage and decide to help him out a bit. “Come for me Dan. Please, I want you to.” You moan. “Come on baby, please.”

“Oh fuck! Y/N!” He grunts as his head lifts form your neck so he can hover over you. His eyes shut tight and he lets out shaking groans, emptying into the condom. You stroke his hair and scalp, pushing back his fringe so you can fully study his face. Damn, he looks so beautiful all sweaty and dark and panting. You could remember this forever.

When he completely finishes, his thrusts stop and he collapses onto your chest. You expect him to roll over and peacefully drift to sleep, but when a growl leaves his throat and he swiftly pulls out of you and kneels down to the edge of the bed, pulling your legs with him, you are taken aback.

“Dan…?” You say with a confused tone.

“Shhh, I’m going to give you your first orgasm.” He says seductively yet nonchalantly. Before you can say anything, his face dives in between your thighs, leaving you gasping as his warm tongue returns to your core. He licks and wraps his lips completely around you, going down on you like an animal. Your first reflex is to grab his hair and moan, so overwhelmed with the suspenseful feeling filling your body. You glance down for a second and stare at him, shaking his head, licking, and kissing, desperate to get you off. Then, you’re toes start to curl and screams are ripping from your throat, but this time you have no thought of stopping them. You legs shake and want to squeeze shut, but his firm grip on them makes that impossible. Your squirming and arch your back, all thoughts escaping you.

“Dan! I’m… oh god… please I think-”

“-I know, let go Y/N.  Come on let go.” He mumbles against your pussy and it only takes a few more licks before you’re orgasming for the first time and now you understand what the big deal is. You’ve never felt so physically and emotional blissful at the same time before. You’re not exactly sure what really happened but it’s like all your muscles turned to water and exploded at the same time, releasing something you didn’t even know you were holding. “Dan…Dan.”  You pant as you ease down and relax, letting your body go completely limp. His mouth detaches from your skin and he makes his way up next to you, lying himself next to you on his side.

You’re still panting and your muscles are twitching like you were just shocked when you turn to him.

“How was it?” He asks with a smirk and a chuckle.

You cuddle into his side, placing a kiss on the skin of his shoulder where your head lays naturally. He instantly wraps his arms around you, letting you stay next to him. His other hand comes over to your waist, rubbing circles into your side.

“Way better than Netflix.”

Dan throws his head back as he laughs and you try to hold in your giggles by biting your lip. When he looks at you again, a smile is still pasted on his face and you smile back but you feel your eyes getting heavy.

“You can go to sleep princess.” Dan tells you softly. You nod with your eyes already closed and snuggle a bit closer to him. You feel him press a kiss to your forehead and cradle you tighter in his arms before you fall asleep.


When you open your eyes it’s still dark. Your body hurts but in a good way. As you remember every millisecond of last night a smile slides onto your face. It had been mind blowing and Dan had been more than you could have ever hoped for. You have never dared hope that your first time would be good let alone this perfect. It was everything you had dreamed off and so much more. But you also knew that you were now irrevocably in love with him. The last thing you remember before falling asleep is Dan holding you close and safe in his arms but now you’re lying alone. Maybe that was why you had woken up. You turn around and sit up, pulling the blankets with you to cover your naked body. Dan is sitting on the side of the bed with his head in his hands. You run a hand through your tangled hair and blink your eyes a couple of times.


His head snaps around at the sound of your voice. He looks troubled.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.” He nods absentmindedly which doesn’t convince you one bit.

“Do you-do you regret it?” When he doesn’t immediately answers you and his eyes look down you feel your heart sink.

“I-I shouldn’t have let you do this. I’m sorry.” You eyes start burning but when you turn around you feel his hand grabbing yours. When you look back at him he’s sitting next to you, looking at you with a mixer of emotions.

No. I don’t regret it. I-I enjoyed it way too much. When I woke up and saw you sleeping in my arms, felt your breath against my chest, I just… I don’t ever want to let you go. I‘ve wanted this for too long and I can’t let you go now. I want you to be mine and to just tell you that I-that I love you.”

For a second your mind goes blank. Your mouth is open a bit as you try to progress what he just said. He couldn’t have said what you just head right? You search out his eyes but all you see is sincerity and honesty. And love. So much love and adoration that you feel your eyes slightly watering up again. Your heart feels like it’s going to burst and you can’t help but start smiling.

“And I love you.”

His entire face lights up and a smile also appears on his face, causing his dimples to show.


“Really.” You can’t help the happy laugh that escapes your throat as Dan launches at you, trapping you in his arms and rolling over so you are lying on his chest. He pulls your head down so he can kiss you softly but soon you are kissing passionately. You pull back so you can look at him and you brush his slightly curly fringe from his forehead.

“Will you be mine?” Dan asks you softly.

“For as long as you’ll have me.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Dan brings your lips back to his and rolls you over back into his soft pillows.