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In other news, Rebecca Black is not dead. And with that I present to you her new music video or as Dan Hopper describes it: “Instagram ejaculating into your face for three minutes.”

I really like that Game Of Thrones made Brienne a character who seems like she really could plausibly kill the sh*t out of people; she’s not some super-sexy anime character who’s secretly got a DEADLY SIDE, or some boring concession to show that “women can be tough too!” but it’s just some petite female actress somehow beating up fifty dudes just because the movie needed to have a woman beat up fifty dudes. When Brienne kills three people it seems completely believable, making for a much less patronizing “tough woman” character than, say, the Charlie’s Angels movies (though everything else about those movies is correct.)

In Serbia Arizona raises you.

“As with all Nic Cage related occurrences, I would’ve been more surprised if Cage’s photo DIDN’T appear on any Serbian biology textbooks circulating schools in Belgrade from 1993 to 2001. If anything, I’m only surprised that Nicolas Cage is standing in front of a rose garden and not another photo of Nicolas Cage.” - Dan Hopper

Commentary: HBO’s Girls Is Not A Show About Velociraptors | Best Week Ever

“My point is, it’s easy to say that Girls is symbolically a show about velociraptors; in this soundbyte-obsessed, Rush Limbaugh-aided birth control war we call an earth, a girl’s identity is assailed and eroded on a near-daily basis, so who’s to even say what a ‘girl’ is, let alone that one is or is not a velociraptor?”

@danhopp’s piece for BWE about Girls is pretty great.

"Game Of Thrones Season 3 Recap: So, That Happened" by Dan Hopper - CollegeHumor Article

If you’re a GoT you must read Dan Hopper’s fantastically hilarious recap of season 3. Dan used to write for BWE and I was thrilled to find he wrote this for College Humor. My face hurts and I’m crying from laughing so hard.

Contains massive SPOILERS for season 3 obviously.