dan harmon can write all their jokes

Megan Ganz on "spit drafts"

[Community] creator, Dan Harmon, had us write these things called ‘spit drafts,’ which is basically an outline for your script. It’s the shape of that script. You write out the script scene by scene with dummy dialogue that you’ll later replace with actual jokes. For instance, the character of Jeff walks into the room, and Jeff says, ‘Here’s the point where I say that we should all go get a sandwich.’ And then the character of Annie will say, ‘I don’t want to do that.’ And then another character will say, ‘I have a joke here.’ You can have them do whatever you want, but you just have to get through the scene and have all of what needs to happen in that scene baldly stated.

If you can’t get through a script that way, then chances are your story doesn’t work. If you’re stuck and you feel like you have writer’s block, this is a really helpful method because it distinguishes between, ‘Okay, do you have story problems or are you having a hard time writing the dialogue?’ Also, when you write really quickly, you end up writing really good jokes anyway; it’s almost as if you trick your brain into thinking that it doesn’t matter.“

Community writer Megan Ganz in a footnote, a goddamn footnote, in Mike Sacks’s comedy writing book Poking a Dead Frog.