dan flaherty

  • me: but we'll be out where carrying the banner man to man, we're always out there soakin' every sucker that we can. here's the headline, newsies on a mission, kill the competition, sell the next edition. we'll be out there, carrying the banner, see us out there, carrying the banner, always out there, carrying the banner!
  • me an intellectual: got a feelin' bout a headline, I smells me a headline, papes are gonna sell like we's was givin' 'em away, betcha dinner is a doozy, got a pistol packin' floozy, don't know any better way to make a newsies day. I was stakin' out the circus and then someone said that coney's really hot but when I got there, there was spot with all his cronies, so I'm gonna take what little dough I got and play the ponies, we's at least deserves a headline for the hours that they work us, geez I bet if I just stayed a little longer at the circus!

Happy Trails to Newsies! A show that inspired me like no other. Who would have ever thought a show about newsboys would be such a big part of my life? I certainly didn’t! I’m sad to see this show go, but I hope its memory and its message lives on. It will always hold a special place in my heart.


S/O to Newsies 1nt for having super attractive cast members that are also super amazing people and also super amazing in every way and yeah i love the toursies (this isn’t even all of them either everyone in that cast is so heart eyes emoji)