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Auburn & brunette Meg Girys around the world

  1. Jee Hyun Noh, World Tour
  2. Georgia Ware, West End
  3. Dan Young Jung (?), Seoul
  4. Christina Tan, Australian Tour
  5. Julie Collins, Hamburg
  6. Sharon Millerchip, Melbourne
  7. Alicia Beck, West End
  8. Paloma Garcia Lee, US Tour
  9. Lucy Potter, Hamburg and UK Tour

And also: Diana Kaarina Wong, Catriona Ferguson, all South Korean Megs, and also a lot of borderline examples in the US (in particular Heather McFadden).


A Big LGBT Thank You to President Obama

“Too bad aliens didn’t come during your presidency…we’d be so proud to take them to our leader!”

- Lily Tomsen

You “journalists” out there, I hope this maybe is a warning shot across the bow - I saw some good journalism going on out there, cameras out in the street going “oh shit, we’re getting fuckin shot at! they’re grabbing our cameras and they’re tearing them apart” - so here’s an idea, maybe now we can emerge from this age of neo-yellow-journalism? Because guess what? no matter how on “their side” you are, they ain’t ever gonna be on your side when the chips are down. They’re gonna tear your fuckin cameras apart, so be a fuckin journalist even in times of peace, because they’re gonna fuck you over as soon as they wanna beat somebody. Be a journalist.
—  Dan Harmon

The West Coast Propeller tour is over, the boys are all back home, trying to get out of bed and find some coffee. But it doesn’t mean the party’s over. We’ve still got photos for days from the San Luis Obispo demo for Skate Warehouse and the ender ender demo at the Vans Park in Huntington for Jack’s Garage, not to mention Cody Green’s video edits that’ll be posted in the near future. So if you missed any or all the stops of tour we got you covered and hopefully we’ll be coming to a town near you in 2016.

Here’s some shots of Gilbert, Chima, Dan Lu, Daan, KWalks, Rowan and Elijah in SLO (And here’s some dad-cam footage of the demo that ridechannel posted.)

Photos: anthonyacostaphoto

The Make: A photo gallery of roll-away shots

It’s simply one of the best feelings in the world as demonstrated by Cardiel, Hassan, AVE, Chima, Dan Lu and TNT. Hell, maybe it’s THE best. Check out this essay and photo gallery of a profound event which is one the main reasons we all skate.

Via Thrasher Magazine