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GPVegas Part 2

Part 2 from my GP Las Vegas report is a ton of signatures. Did I mention there were dozens of artists there? It’s hard to imagine how anyone had time to play with all the amazing art. :P

First pic above is from some original Magic artists. It was my first time meeting Liz Danforth and Richard Kane Ferguson, and it was awesome hearing about how things have changed over the years. Also, I’ve loved Rebecca Guay’s art since I started but I never realized how many other watercolor artists are in Magic!

Next up are some more recent additions to Magic’s deep bench of artists (and Pete Venters, who didn’t fit in the first image).

I’m appreciating the artistry of signatures more and more, from the angular lines of Eric Deschamps and Jason Engle, to the flowing curves of Dan Scott and Howard Lyon, to the flourishes of Steve Argyle and Zack Stella.  I wish my own signature was anywhere as unique, beautiful, and consistent as any of these.

Unfortunately I only have two of Steve’s Snuff Outs. Gonna have to work on completing that set.

I’ll post more as I get a chance to sort through things and take photos. Previous posts:

Part 1

–Curby (Minion #533)


A Big LGBT Thank You to President Obama

“Too bad aliens didn’t come during your presidency…we’d be so proud to take them to our leader!”

- Lily Tomsen

The Make: A photo gallery of roll-away shots

It’s simply one of the best feelings in the world as demonstrated by Cardiel, Hassan, AVE, Chima, Dan Lu and TNT. Hell, maybe it’s THE best. Check out this essay and photo gallery of a profound event which is one the main reasons we all skate.

Via Thrasher Magazine