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Use The Spare Bedroom

Summary: Phil starts bringing boys home. Dan starts tweeting song lyrics. 

Word Count: 3436

A/N: List of songs referenced at the end. 

It started one Friday night. Dan was sprawled out on the couch. Laptop up and open to tumblr. He was settled for the night.

Then Phil came out of his room. He was in black jeans and a button up shirt.

‘I’m going out with some friends from uni.’ He announced.

'Oh.’ Dan took a few moments to process the information. 'Since when?’

'About forty-five minutes ago. I got a message and I thought why not?’

'Why not.’ Dan echoed.

'So… I’m not sure how late we’ll be out. Don’t wait up for me.’


Dan didn’t normally get to bed until about 2am on a normal night. He sort of thought he would see Phil come in before he headed off to retire for the night. But at 1.30am when he was heading off there was still no sign of Phil whatsoever.

He was woken up at 3am to the sound of a door slamming.

'Sshh.’ Followed by a giggle. 'My roommate is asleep.’

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Phan fluff: early morning tickles

It was early in the morning, well early for Dan and Phil anyway, they didn’t usually wake up till 12. They lay fast asleep in each other’s arms, Dan’s hand rested on Phil’s stomach rising gently up and down as he breathed.

Phil was the first to wake up, he let out a long bear like yawn and sat upright. Looking over at his sleeping boyfriend, he smiled. He loved everything about his boyfriend, especially in the morning. He loved his wild wavy hair that he could play with for hours on end, his sleepy deep brown eyes that were deep and rich like chocolate, and his pale pink lips that curved into a slight smile at the ends. Phil could have stared at Dan for hours. He ran his fingers though his hair and let out another yawn, his yawn was echoed by Dan and fluttered open his eyes and he Stretched.
‘Morning bear’
Dan rubbed his eyes. ‘huh?’ he replied slightly confused.
'I said morning you sleepy head’ Phil giggled. Dan sat up in bed next to Phil exposing his topless body to the cold. Phil looked over at him and smiled 'have I ever told you how pretty you are?’
'Yes Phil, many times’ Dan blushed slightly. 'And I always reply by telling you that your prettier’
'But Dan you are so pretty’ Phil began 'your rich dark eyes perfectly contrast your lips, your hair is so curly and soft, your collar bones are to die for, and your body if the perfect shape to hug’ Phil traced his fingers down Dan’s stomach about to bring him into a hug, but as he brushed passed his stomach Dan let out a giggle. As Phil traced around his bellybutton in a circle Dan’s giggles turned into uncontrollable laughing.
'Oh so you’re ticklish are you?’ Phil smirked at Dan 'How did I not know this?’
'No, no Phil don’t…’ Phil began to tickle, he rubbed Dan’s belly and tickled under his arms, he ran his hands down his torso and blew raspberries into his tummy. The entire time Dan was in hysterics, he couldn’t control the sounds that were coming out of his mouth. He pretended to try and get away, but Phil knew he was enjoying it. 'Right that’s it, come here you’ Dan broke free and jumped on top of Phil and began to tickle him back, they both laughed and began a 'tickle war’ with eachother which ended with both boys lying in a hysterical heap on the bed.

After the giggles died down the two boys turned to face eachother. Dan nestled under Phil’s chin kissing him on the neck, Phil kissed him back on the top of the head and whispered.
'I love you bear’
'I love you too’


summary: phil’s ace and can’t help but feel like he’s broken

genre: angst, but there is fluff at the end

warnings: identity crisis kind of

word count: 1000 exactly (i swear i’m some kind of wizard this is amazing)

link on ao3!

a/n: i really really really like holly

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the mermaid bath bomb

summary: lil drabble about dan and phil taking a bath because i’m a huge loser and can’t stop thinking about it [500+ words]

When Phil steps into the bath and water overflows onto the tiled floor below, the bathroom echoes with Dan’s low groan and Phil’s unapologetic chuckle.

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honestly, that video was great. they were just so happy and excited about the making of the book (to the people who thought they were just doing it for money, do you really still think that after watching the video), I’m v proud of them. and most of the video was relaxed, not scripted, and less of “danisnotonfire” and “amazingphil” and more dan & phil. it was nice seeing them in a more natural and domestic state (that clip when phil was sitting on dan’s bed filming dan doing the weird echo thing gave me chest pains). it was the little things like their messy hair or tired voices bc they were up writing at 2am that made it so genuine.

REQUEST: Dan being a dad

Request: “I’m obsessed with Daddy!dan at the moment (like the non kinky one) so could you write one on Dan taking care of you and his child on the first day :)” -Anon 

(I interpreted ‘first day’ as being the first day of school for the child but the parental instincts are still strong in this, so hope you enjoy x) 

Okay y/n you’ve got her lilac dress laid out on the duvet, brown leather sandals placed by the front door and her ‘Dora the Explorer’ backpack hung up on the hook, at her height, on the door.

It’s her first day.

You’ve got this.

Don’t freak out.

Don’t stress out.

Just stay calm.

“The little monkey is coming out of her bath!” I hear Dan’s echo down the hallway, followed by the pitter patter of small heels and toes hitting the carpet as I hear small panted breaths heading my way.

A small little face pokes her head around the corner, pressing her lips together and smiling with such a mischievous looked planted on her face. Her hair had decorated itself into tiny little curls, something I hope as she got older she would embrace and not grab straighteners like Dan does, and she had inherited the longest eyelashes possible from myself that often Dan and I’s friends thought was a result of her raiding my makeup bag.

As I heard the water go down the pipe from the bathroom, I helped her get into her dress slipping it over her head and pulling the small drawstrings at the side. As I was doing this Dan walked in with his hair all curly and all from the bathrooms humidity.

“Are you excited for your first day?”, he always kneeled down to talk to her and always focused so intently that you could always point him out to be such a dotting and loving father that he certainly was.

“Yup! Yazzie is going too!”, she wasn’t even focusing that much on Dan more drawing her attention to her backpack that they had picked out earlier that week on a little venture. That was the thing with y/d/n, only when she would get older would she appreciate and understand that Dan’s love for her was far more unique than just a ‘father and daughter’ relationship that I’d seen growing up or still was exposed to till this day.

Once she was all dressed, Dan insisted on having her help him make her lunch. Although she was only 5 years old, she was still very demanding in whether she would have peanut butter or marmite in her sandwich.

As we all walked into the kitchen, I began chopping up a small fruit salad with some banana and strawberry slices while I watched over my shoulder as y/d/n stood up on her step watching Dan sort through the cupboards trying to find the spreads.

“Okay monkey, we’ve got peanut butter, Manuka honey, Nutella and even that fowl Cashew butter that mum likes on her toast” he chuckled slightly at the end looking over at me with then our daughter sticking out her tongue and making a disgusted look.

“Peanut and Nutella butter please daddy!” she pointed to them both and although her grammar wasn’t perfect and Dan knew exactly what she wanted and even let her grab two slices of bread from the bread bin.

Once the sandwich was sealed in glad wrap and her fruit salad in a small Tupper wear container, she placed it herself in this retro tin lunchbox that Dan had brought a year back for this exact moment. It was a hand painted constellation that he had picked out while passing through a market in Budapest and had been so excited when he had come home to show me it.

As I beant down I pulled her into a tight hug, cherishing how happy and excited she was. I could tell Dan had pulled out his phone and was taking a photo of us but I didn’t really want to ruin the moment by catching him out on it.

“Honey, you sure you don’t want me or daddy to come with you to school on your first day?”

“No mummy! I can be big now. I can go with Yazzie and her mummy because she is scared but I know school is no scary”, as she said that with the most serious face I had seen from her all morning, Dan did a small laugh behind me and then leaned down for his own hug from our ‘grown-up’ daughter. I could tell he was going to do his own little pep talk to her.

“Now y/d/n, if any other kids are mean to you, tell Mrs. Wels-wait no I mean- Mrs. Walsh”, y/d/n giggled now at the sight of her dad messing up his words.

“Y/d/n don’t laugh like that you’re throwing me off! No but if there are some meanies or snooties you let her know but always know you’re my little batgirl and star”

She laughed yet again but this time wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and pulled him into her own hug

“Love you daddy”

Dan finally stood up and I held her hand as I helped her slip into her sandals as the doorbell went off. Dan went and met Yazzie’s mother in which she was having her own ‘grown up’ gripping onto her forearm with a head poking around looking into the corridor for y/d/n.


As soon as I secured her last zip on her back pack, she came running down towards the front door and pulled her best friend into a hug.  

As Yazzie’s mother explained her daughter’s own experience this morning it seemed all so different from ours. You could tell why so many people liked y/d/n as she immediately lit up the room brining so much humour and happiness to all of those around her. She and Yazzie chatted away before Yazzie’s mother announced that they would have to be going if they wanted to make it on time.

As they proceeded to exit down onto the pavement, Dan and I stood outside just by the metal fence waving to y/d/n as she was safely secured in the child seat in the back next to Yazzie. And then they drove off.

Pulling me into a hug, It felt like this was almost his first day at school and not our daughters. He was emotional to say the least.

“You okay there buddy?” I whispered in his ear as he continued to grip me close to his chest and began to pull away as he spoke.

“I just love you and I love her and I don’t know I’m just an emotional mess y/n but in a good way. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years but they’ve been great and splendid and all of that. I just couldn’t have wished for anything better to happen to me, so thank you”

All I could say back to this soppy teddy bear that I had married and shared the most beautiful daughter with was “I love you too”.

#14 - he’s tired.

Dan: The yawn echoes around the small bedroom, causing your head to turn and look at his tired expression. “Tired?” You ask kindly, offering him to lean into your side. “No shit.” He quickly sasses. He gladly accepts the offer, moulding himself into your side as the warmth from your hoodie transfers itself to his body.

Phil: He hates showing that he’s tired. He’ll do whatever to get through the day without breaking into a yawn. He stifles them or if he fails to do that, covers them with his hand. This time, he does neither and yawns loudly. “Wow.” You speak. Staring directly at him. “That was very odd.” You laugh and he simply shrugs, feeling very overcome by his lack of sleep.

Joe: His face stretches with a yawn, once again. You’ve been sitting and observing him. How he continues to edit despite the fact that his eyelids are hanging like heavy baskets. You sigh heavily, “Joe, c’mon.” You deadpan. Pulling him away from the computer, “you need sleep.”

Caspar: When Caspar’s tired, he doesn’t care where he is; he will fall asleep on you. Whether you’re in the middle of a film or on a train journey, he will fall asleep on you. Of course, you don’t mind. It’s kind of sweet in a way. You’ll often play with the few strands of hair that fall over his forehead whilst he snores lightly.