dan did the best impression ever

felinesbane  asked:

do you ever wonder why dan didn't move out during 2012?? i mean ppl said he was always jumpy and stuff before so ppl do big decisions in the height of their emotions right i was thinking for the SAP but it hurts to stay with someone you don't talk to anymore?? idk man i'm just having 2012!phan feels rn

sometimes i feel like the 2012 thing was exaggerated slightly because we don’t know the whole story and i get the impression stuff outside of d+p’s relationship could’ve been going on back then…maybe money issues…dan’s uni struggles…family stuff?? who knows…etc. so i can’t imagine moving out would’ve been the best option for dan…and besides, the fact that he did stay despite whatever the fuck was going on in 2012, makes their relationship ever more special <3 like even through possible hardships, they stuck together. Plus they’ve changed a lot as individuals since then too?? it’s so nice to see them stick together after all that ahh.

anonymous asked:

You were at Adele tonight? So was our favourite Wootton bless

Anonymous said:

Honey I hate to break this to you but I believe you were just in the same room as Dan Wooton.

Yeah, which rip in peace because he was one box over from us, which I was less than impressed by. I’m sure he wouldn’t have recognised me, but I did have flashbacks of all the shit I chat about him on Twitter and came to a very quick realisation that if he saw me and knew who I was we were probably going to have a catfight. 

Luckily/sadly (depending on your point of view) we didn’t come face to face. 

In far more positive news, Adele was one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen.