dan ciurczak


come hang out guys!  I’ll be at the LA convention center tabling at Anime Expo this July 4th weekend!  I’ll be over at artist alley table A65 hanging with some cool peeps, so you should come hang as well :D

Also Maybe JR? Maybe FOTS??? WE SHALL SEE!

Oh, and I know some of these prints haven’t had their own posts yet (namely zappa and baiken colored by kanta) but I’ll post those up tomorrow, I felt it was prudent to get this shit out ASAP though in case people are already in transit.

So today at A-Kon I got my first piece of JJBA merchandise, and discovered a really kickass and cool artist, Dan Ciurczak, AKA soulkarl. I’d really recommend you check his other work out, and after chatting with him a bit, seems like a pretty cool/nice dude. He’s even making his own webcomic!

(P.S. Joseph is best jojo)