dan can you see into my mind or something

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Heya I'm looking for a fic where Dan can see ghosts, and Phil moves in with him and he has a store and Anthony, Ian, Louise, Tyler, and Troye are in it. Troye can read minds in it, I think? And its a slow burn, the chapters are v long and I'm pretty sure it was on wattpad. Um I think Dan designs website or something? And Cat is in it as well and she is a ghost and she becomes friends with Dan and follows him around. I can't seem to find it, but its my fave fic ever, its super good! Thank you~

Misfit - (wattpad) Dan is different. He’s learned to accept that. He’s fated to be this way forever; a misfit from society. When he’s struggling to make ends meet and he’s faced with the option of looking into a serious job or taking on a roommate, he opts for what seems like the easier option at the time. Potential roommate number eleven, Phil, turns out to be an insufferable optimistic ball of sunshine that Dan wants nothing to do with. His options are running out though, as are the savings he’s been using to pay his rent, so he finds himself begrudgingly agreeing to let the other man move in.

- Gabriela

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Imagine Dan, Phil, Joe and Caspar doing a collab with the roommate/boyfriend [whichever works for you tbh] tag. [Also my Phan and Jaspar trash heart would really like to think of headcannons but I'm crap at writing those kinds of things. If you don't mind thinking about it, could you think of at least 6 headcannons/moments? Thanks. 🤓

ahhh this is all i want in life!!! i think ive said before that id really like them to do something where theyre competing against each other??? basically i want them to be lowkey fighting about which pair knows each other better/ works best together. like, imagine: 

  • caspar getting cocky about how well he knows joe (like he does in pretty much every best friend challenge they do. “yeah we can answer any question about each other! i know everything about joe!! his fav colour, the number of sugars he likes in his coffee, the exact time and location of his birth…”)
  • them doing something really silly like the binoculolz challenge; jaspar vs phan. i’d also really like them to do something where one persons blindfolded and the other person has to guide them somewhere, or help them complete a task. which seems kinda random just but imagine how much touching would be involved. ok thanks. 
  • also with this i need lots of insults towards the other team to try and put them off. like, dan bringing up the fact that caspar looks like a pineapple (actually i feel like most of the #bants would be between dan and caspar but i can imagine phil getting competitive and blurting out something insulting and everyone freezing and dan bursting out laughing) 
  • listen,,,they need do something offensive or kinda dirty like play cards against humanity or never have i ever. i feel like itd bring them a lot closer together as people. 
  • a room mate swap. dan and joe at the ‘phlat’, caspar and phil at the ‘jaspar pad’. i feel like this would be a skit, and i’d need it to include scenes like: joe walking into the glass kitchen door, dan showing him anime, joe being surprised/scared by the one direction poster on the toilet door, a shot where joe notices dan’s haru pillow and looks at it quizzically while dan glances at the camera and quickly gets joe to focus on something else. and: caspar getting phil to dj, the two of them playing fifa, phil finding the emma lee doll like stuffed in drawer or something and deciding that he is her father now, he and caspar then fighting over her. and a scene at the end where jaspar and phan reunite and they go on abt how much they missed each other and how they wouldnt really want to live with anyone else.
  • but really i dont care what kind of video they do bc im sure itd be cute and hilarious no matter what i just need this collab to happen already!!!