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Sorry that i haven’t posted in forever. I wasn’t at home for so long. But I’m going to post more often now :) love you guys lots xx

A lil hot Joseph here for you 😏💕


ALL hair sets drawings I’ve made since 2011 chronologically? I’ve tried (the change of quality tho)

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to be continued??


Beanz (Mamrie Hart)

Beta (Catherine Valdez)

Chica (Mark Fischbach)

Colin (Dan Howell’s family)

Edgar (Felix and Marzia)

Gizmo (Jack/ Seán McLoughlin)

Griffin (Toby Turner)

Goose (Grace Helbig)

Kappa (Catherine Valdez)

Kermit/ Cermet (Jenna Marbles)

Marbles (Jenna Marbles)

Martha (Jim and Tanya)

Maya (Felix and Marzia)

Nala (Zoe and Alfie)

Oliver (Ricky Dillon)

Ollie (Hannah Hart)

Peach (Jenna Marbles)

Shiro (Shawna Howson)

Storm (Joey Graceffa)

Wishbone (JC Caylen)

Wolf (Joey Graceffa)

when one friend in your squad roasts another squad member and u just waitin for shit to go down

Give me art requests please

I’ve ran out creativity and have no ideas left so request shit


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Hey guys. I’m bored and I’d love to do some lil shipping “game” 
All you need to do is send me a message with a pic and little description of yourself (pls don’t tell me your fav) &I will ship you with one of the YouTube boys. 
I’d love to do that and maybe make some of you happy. :) ❤️💋

take philip schuyler the man is loaded, uh oh but little does he know that his daughters ally, angelixer, elizalexander sneak into the city just to watch all the laurens at wORK WORK.