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it’s so fun to go from watching a phil liveshow which is basically ‘guys look at this new thing oh i saw this animal the other day and this happened also let’s talk about my clothes and fun things’ to dan’s liveshows which are ‘all of you shut up i’ve got something really–oh yeah also i need to talk about phil for a few minutes–anyway *gives great life advice* you’re all terrible and we’re all gonna die ily bye’

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what's the fic where dan is a lonely law student and he goes on a trip with his friends to disneyworld and his parents are really strict about how he spends his money and he runs into phil whose a youtuber and phil buys him a nerdy thing from some store?? i really loved it. at the end, they get together and dans friends had like ditched him or something and were in awe that dan had just been kissed by THE amazingphil!

Disney World MisadventuresDan, a law student with parents so strict they make him come home every weekend, gets ditched by his friends at Disney World in Florida during his short summer holiday. Alone, he runs into an incredibly attractive YouTuber who nerds out about anime with him, and even buys him a tiny Ciel figurine. Dan, meanwhile, quickly finds himself falling in love, especially after they get it on in a Disney World bathroom.


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ok i thought maybe dan had been watching phil since 2008, but 2007? dear lord its been 10 years

dan started watching phil’s videos when he was 15 years old…. 15 (fifteen) ………

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Ok but Dan had been casually watching phil since he was 15 but didn't become a hardcore phil stan till he was 18... what does this even mean?

dan has been a hardcore phil stan since day 1 he was just nervous and needed some time to work up the courage to tweet phil