Shit Danny Does/Says That I Love: Part 1 of ???

1: “Good. I’m. Glad.”
2: *when Arin succeeds at anything* “YEEEEAHHHH!”
3: Lengthy tangents about deep/existential shit
4: when Arin describes some wierd shit in the game and he’s just like “Are you fuckin serious?”
5: His response to cute things.
6: How the cadence of his voice changes when he reads
7: When he says “meme”
8: His machine-gun laughter
9: *Looks at a female character* “Oooh, she’s pretty.”
10: “Jeez, do you think this is an appropriate story to tell on Game Grumps?”


Hey I’m Dan. I’m also Dan. Daaaaaaaan.”

Another commission from a friend–A huge Dan Avidan grump head! She wanted it to be like a pillow, so I complied and tripled the size of my previous grump heads.

This thing took me forever because I didn’t have the proper tools. Did you know a cheap dog brush is perfect for fluffing yarn? I didn’t until a few days ago. So must of the fluff here was hand-made. I want to die

Commission me here, or something.

here today for some animation help

if you’ve
-made a game grumps animated
-and/or had it featured on gg
-have drawn anything at all pertaining to gg (f)animateds
-just have sources that are reliable that talk abt gga

please message me! I haven’t seen any rules set for them anywhere, and I want to know I’m meeting the criteria for making/presenting one before emailing the grumps

Spoiler?...I dunno. Mario Maker ep 109. Game Grumps

I liked the mario maker episode 109. I liked the point that if you are a person that gets offended by everything then you are maybe difficult to keep a conversation with. From personal experiences to, I have some friends that are like this and gets offended by the simplest things. It’s difficult to have a long conversation with them cus’ either I get tired of talking about the same things or them gets offended by something that doesn’t even cross my mind twice. So I agree that these types of people might want to think twice and just “man up” for lack of a better frase. Note that I am talking about those that are totally ridiculus with what they are being offended about when I say that.

So I feel that it’s true today that people get easly offended for some reason unown…and that’s kinda scary if you ask me. So good episode if you ask me!

Other people playing Pokemon Go: *catches wild Pokemon on the first try*

Me playing Pokemon Go: Then I threw a Pokeball. And then I missed. And then I threw another one. And then another, and I missed. I missed both times. and then I threw one more, and I missed. This went on for several hours. and then I tossed another. and then I missed. And then I was out of pokeballs. And then I got sad. I went to a Poke-stop. And then I passed out in the snow. And then I woke up. and then I got more Pokeballs. And then I threw one. And then I missed. I missed again. I threw another. I hit something, but it wasn’t what I was going for, so I guess I missed. I passed out again. Went to another Poke-stop. I had a dream that I was throwing pokeballs at something. I missed. Oh, so she can pick a snowball fight with ‘em. I threw up a snowball at ‘em. I missed. I packed another snowball into my Pokeball. that’s my secret weapon. I missed. yeah, she’s really something. I threw a Pokeball at her. I missed. I passed out. I woke up with a Pokeball stuck in my mouth. don’t piss me off woman. I’ll throw a Pokeball at you, I’ll miss though. I guarantee it. Then I’ll throw another one. And I’ll miss. Then I’ll have myself some incense. Would you care for some incense? Just don’t bring it into the sauna. I reached into the Poke-stop for another incense. I missed. I got a Pokeball. I put it back, but I missed. I dropped it on the floor. Long story short, I missed.