dan andriacco


We have eight new Sherlock Holmes books out in September - a great mixture of new series, new books in existing series, stand alone novels and short story collections:

The Demon of The Dusk (Arthur Hall - Rediscovered Cases of Sherlock Holmes Book 1) Novel

Canon of The Non-Sacred Writings (Richard Tobin) Short Story collection

The Diary of Young Arthur Conan Doyle - (Richard Krevolin and John Raffensberger - Book 2 - Adventures in Russia 1881) Novel

The Stone of Destiny (Richard T Ryan) Novel

Sherlock Holmes and the Ley Line Murders (Allan Mitchell) Novel

The Great Detective at the Crucible of Life (Thomas Kent Miller - Holmes Behind The Veil Book 2) Novel

The Music of Sound (Ian Jarvis - Bernie Quist Book 2) Novel

Queen City Corpse (Dan Andriacco - McCabe and Cody Book 7) Novel