dan and phil vs the stars

  • me, about any show™: honestly this is so lame and pointless lmao inconsistent characters much

someone: *looks at another person*
everyone: that’s gay


I was watching SvtFoE and a bunch of Dan and Phil videos and I thought of Phil as a “Maaagical Space Prince from another dimension!” and Dan as his down to earth roommate ((plus a surprise P.J))

Problem in being in a lot of fandoms #256

There is no way I can show my love for all these shows/books/movies on one lock screen.

Following Spree

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  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Fall Out Boy
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Panic!At the Disco
  • Melanie Martinez
  • Star vs FOE
  • Gravity Falls
  • Art
  • Yuri!! On Ice
  • Marianas Trench
  • Miraculous Ladybug
  • Zodiac Signs
  • Disney/Pixar
  • Other Youtubers

Fanks for listening

I need an internet friend… Someone I can fangirl with. Someone who I can send fan art and fan fic too. Someone I can go to hell with.

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•BBC Sherlock (TJLC please)
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•Taylor Swift
•Star Trek (Spirk)
•Star Wars (Kylux, Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson, StormPilot)
•The Office
•Nancy Drew
•Dan and Phil
•Disney (mostly Moana and Tangled)
•Harry Potter (Scorbus, Drarry, and Wolfstar)
•Star vs. the Forces of Evil (trans! Marco theory, Starco, Tomco)
•Danny Phantom (trans! Danny theory, Amethyst Ocean)
•Gravity Falls (Billdip, trans! Dipper theory)
•The Hobbit (Bagginshield)

So my dash is basically just voltron at the moment so I want more diversity on it. Reblog if you post;

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  • Dan and Phil
  • memes (preferably the dankest)
  • anything by Rick Riordan
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me: i dont get how someone can just buy so much merch of just one person?? like, what about the other characters or members of the group????

also me: *has 237 posters, 57 acrylic keychains, 35 zines, 78 plushies, and hundreds of other miscellaneous merch of that one character*

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Love live school idol project
The joker
Black butler
Stranger things

Wattpad vs Real Life

Real Life-
Dan: Hey Phil can you pass the salt?
Phil: Sure.

Dan took one bite of his lunch. He chewed and dramatically digested it. “Needs a tad more salt.” He thought. He turned to Phil, whose blue eyes were staring down at his food like a hawk watching its prey. “Hey! Phil?” Dan said darting his eyes at his friend. Phil slowly looked up, his star like eyes filled with joy. “Can you pass the salt?” Dan said looking straight into Phil’s eyes. “Sure.” Phil said slowly reaching for the salt and passing it to his friend.

We hAVE to SHOUT to juMP??! - Dan vs. Phil: YASUHATI Don't Stop Eighth Note

aka their neighbors hate them and they’re getting kicked out of their apartment

- “Hello DanAndPhilGAMES sad musical notes!”

- “All I know is that’s cute”

- “Don’t nose it!” “I’ve nosed it.”

- *whispering* “You literally make it move… with your voice!”

- Dan keeps screaming

- *singing* “Mr. Friend, do A JUMP! Do a little jog, a peaceful jog, you’re not jumpin, you’re just waddling along, and then JUMP! And then land. And then do a little run up to the edge and JUMP and land. And then go on another little jog, I don’t know about you, but I’m havin FUN. I’m having lots of relaxin time with my new friend, Mr. Thing. HOP! And then he’s gotta HOP AGAIN! And then he’s gotta JESUS CHRIST FLOAT! And then he’s WHEN WILL IT END, OH GOD, WHERE DID HE-? Everything’s fine! Everything is really good for HIM! HIM! He just does a little HOP! Then a little JUMP. And a TRIPLE JUMP! AND HE KEEPS FLOATING FOREVER!”

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I accidentally deleted my blog

Please reblog/like/reply if you want a follower + post these things:
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> Neon / Eyestrain aesthetics
> Japan???
> Musicals (Heathers, In the Heights, Hamilton, Disneys, Classics)
> Animation tips
> Tips in general
> Comedy
> Video game (or if you’re a video game producer!)
> Figure collecting
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> Video Games
> Multimedia Analysis (literature, ARt, photography, video games, music, movies)
> An aspiring artist!
> Arts and Crafts
> JSE!!! and Dan and Phil
> Ghibli
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> Also for otherkin, I advise not to do the above (like etc.) because I don’t understand otherkin that well and I might upset some people with my posts.
> Also obviously no TERFs or bigoted people!

Hey there bud!

So I am in need of blogs to follow, so if your account includes but is not necessarily limited to any of the following:
•Steven Universe
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•The Amazing World of Gumball
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