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Heaven Scent Chapter Eight

Heaven Scent | Dan Howell rarely leaves the house unless he has too, too socially awkward to function normally around other people, and generally making his only friends through Louise, a sweet beta who took him under her wing a few years back when they were both still in college. It’s no surprise, then, that the omega has yet to find a mate, despite craving one rather a lot. It’s not until he attends Louise’s birthday party and gets accidentally-on-purpose set up with an attractive alpha named Phil Lester who smells absolutely heavenly that Dan starts to fall into a proper romance, complete with courting and scenting and the like. | Phan | Mature | A/B/O dynamics (Omegaverse fic), Fluff, Getting Together, Eventual Smut, Courting | 7,465 Words this chapter

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Hello my friends! Ahhh, this is the final chapter of Heaven Scent, and I can’t believe it’s ended up quite as long as it appears to have :O In three weeks, I’ve managed to write 57K words, and to top it all off, this is the first chaptered fic I’ve completed on my own in at least 4 years, if not more, so… to say I’m proud of myself would be a complete and utter understatement.

Thank you to everyone whose supported this story since day one, when I first started writing it, and when I first started posting. It’s meant the world to me to have people so excited to see a story that defies the norm of what this trope usually is. Thank you as well to every person who has left a comment, or messaged me to show me their support and to tell me that this is the first time they’ve enjoyed this trope, as that is all I’ve ever wanted to do with this fic.

I’m so sad to see this ending, but all great things must come to an end, I’m afraid. I hope to eventually do a semi-sequel including some mpreg, for those who are interested, but I do start school again in 3 days, so I can’t promise when or if that sequel will appear <33 Still, maybe look out for it <33

This chapter does contain smut and sexual situations, so please read the second half in particular with caution. I promise you’ll know when it’s coming.

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Chapter Eight

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Warnings: none

Rating: G

Word Count: 1577

Pregnancy with Dan requested by Anon

1st Trimester:

You found out before Dan, obviously. Sitting on the lip of the bathtub, you couldn’t really say you were surprised at the little pink lines staring back at you. It wasn’t like the two of you were trying or anything, but from the moment he had finished touring you had been all over each other, most of the time too into the moment to bother with protection. Completely you guys’ fault. You remembered the rush of joy that filled your veins when you thought about it. You were pregnant.

Phil was the first person you told. Not even your parents or your best friend. Phil. After the happiness had set in, worry hit you. What if Dan didn’t want kids? His career was entirely too demanding right now, not to mention you didn’t even know if you could handle a child. You had explained all of this to Phil through tears, sitting on his floor. Ever the rock, the dark-haired male told you that you were going to be fine, and that Dan would be thrilled. There was nothing to worry about.

Dan was thrilled.

He was more excited than you were, he went to nearly every doctor’s appointment with you. While the first trimester is usually the most difficult for women, the first half of it went pretty well. You went about things normally, if only getting tired easier and craving saltier foods. The second half took a turn, unfortunately. Whereas you could pretty much eat anything before, now food refused to stay in your stomach. Breast pain had started much sooner than you would’ve liked, and though Dan appreciated your increased cup size, you stopped letting him touch them. He had no issue rubbing your lower back when the soreness hit there, though.

2nd Trimester:

Adorably named the Honeymoon Period of pregnancy, you were grateful that everything had died down. You had a noticeable bump now, your favorite skinny jeans didn’t fit anymore. You often would wear Dan’s sweats, since they stretched comfortably over your middle. You knew that maternity shopping would be necessary soon. Despite knowing the weight gain was due to your little bean, you weren’t a fan of how quickly you were starting to put on the pounds. Dan’s new job was reminding you that you were not, in fact, getting fatter, but instead your child was growing strong and healthy inside of you. Since the bump had started really showing, Dan couldn’t keep his hands off it either. Your hormones were out of whack, too. Everything inspired emotion. You weren’t an over emotional person before, but now anything could set you off and you’d be crying for at least 20 minutes. You no longer had internal temperature control, you couldn’t sleep, and your sex drive was through the roof (currently Dan’s favorite pregnancy symptom). You were also prone to periods of deep exhaustion, you could be doing something and the next moment unable to keep your eyes open. All of this was normal, of course, but that didn’t mean it was fun.

You and Dan had already announced to your families that you were expecting, but didn’t tell the rest of the world just yet, wanting to enjoy this on your own. Eventually, people asked why all of your pictures were from the chest up, and some had even commented that you were gaining weight in your face. Finally, you and Dan made a video letting all of the phans know that you were going to be having Baby Howell. Phil noted that the flat wasn’t really child friendly, so you and Dan went house searching. The first night you two laid in the bedroom of your new home, your baby kicked. Now, you knew that they’d most likely been kicking for some weeks, but this was the first time you’d felt it. You had frantically pressed Dan’s hand to your stomach, moving it around until you saw his face light up. Your baby was in there, actually growing inside of you, someone you and Dan had created. The nursery was the next step, before you were too big to help Dan out with the decorating.  The doctor knew the sex of your child, but you and Dan had held off from knowing. You wanted to be surprised. Therefore the nursery would be unisex, no pinks or blues unless they were a part of some greater overarching theme. He and Phil came up with a forest idea, and they painted the walls sky blue with little clouds and a very sloppily done Sun as well as some trees. You had glued some glow in the dark stars to the ceiling, and had all of the furniture moved in. Seeing the nursery when it was completed had brought more tears to your eyes, everything was suddenly becoming so real.

3rd Trimester:

Things were really starting to bear down on you. The honeymoon period was over, and your nausea had come back with a vengeance. Not to mention the insomnia had gotten worse, you were running on maybe 3 hours of sleep a night. Luckily the periods of extreme exhaustion had stopped, but you wished you could get more sleep. You were getting braxton hicks contractions, little shoots of pain around your abdomen to prepare you for birth. Though they didn’t compare to real labor pains, they still hurt like a bitch. Your back was hurting everyday, and your active little bean was kicking pretty much all of the time. It had been endearing at first, but now you wished they would give you a break. One night, when everything was catching up to you, Dan had woken up to you sobbing at just how uncomfortable you were. He’d rubbed your tummy, whispering to you and talking to the Baby Howell until the both of you settled enough to fall asleep in his arms. Your doctor told you this was normal, and that it was best to try to carry on with normal tasks as much as possible. This unfortunately conflicted with Dan’s obsession with keeping you off of your feet. You were at the point in the pregnancy where you could have your baby at any time, and Dan didn’t want to take any risks. You were almost always annoyed with him these days, and Phil had to calm you down so you didn’t strangle the man you loved.

The day your child was born, you really should’ve suspected something was up. It was a week before your due date. You had actually gotten good rest, and your back wasn’t hurting nearly as much as usual. You’d slept in, and made yourself a sandwich, feeling hungry instead of nauseous for the first time in weeks. Phil had just entered the kitchen when you were hit with a contraction. It didn’t feel like the tiny ones you’d had before, though. This one made you double over in pain, forehead pressed against the table and groaning out loud. Phil wasn’t particularly good in situations like this, and went to go get your husband while you struggled. It didn’t last very long, but the pain was still fresh in your mind, and you feared it coming back again. Following almost immediately after that, your favorite pair of PJ pants were soaked through and your water was broken. Luckily, you had a duffle bag packed at the door for times like this, ready for your baby to come whenever they decided to. This was going to be the day, you supposed. The three of you packed into the car and drove to the hospital. Even if this was just a close call, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Labor was impossible. That was the only way you could describe it. Waiting on a bed while contraction after contraction hit, each coming sooner than before. Poor Dan was a wreck, full of nerves and going the extra mile to try and make you comfortable. To you it was smothering, and you had to exile him to the waiting room with Phil so he could get himself together. You felt bad for those women who were in labor for long periods of time. 5 hours in and you were ready to push, meaning things were really getting into gear. You knew it’d only get worse from here, and so did Dan. He’d simply gripped your hand, kissed your lips, and told you that the both of you were so close to meeting your little prince or princess.

Giving birth was a blur. You remembered situating yourself in uncomfortable stirrups, your doctor telling you to push, and squeezing Dan’s hand so hard you were sure you had broken it. You also remembered the piercing cry that quieted the room. Your child taking his first breath. You must’ve passed out after that, because next thing you knew you were being shaken awake by a friendly nurse and you were being taught to feed your newborn. While he nursed, Dan explained everything you’d missed. Cutting the cord, your parents making it just in time to see your little man being held in Dan’s arms. You couldn’t believe it. A child, you and Dan’s child. He already had little wisps of brown hair on his head, you hoped he would have those curls. Those dimples. His father’s big, sweet heart. An adventure was starting for you, Dan, and the little bean in your arms, and you couldn’t wait.

A/N: Was worried about this because I’m not really one to write about pregnancy and kids and stuff, but like how it turned out. Sorry it’s so damn long, hope you enjoyed!


Exactly Where you Like Me

Economy, bitches, look at that shit aka I’ve had all of these in my inbox for so long and I feel terrible but here u go

A sequel to Paying In Naivety but can be read separately

Word Count: 3,812

Tags/Warnings: it’s pron guys honestly what else do u expect of me um there’s ageplay, daddy kink, and like it’s kind of dubcon bc dan’s 14 and phil’s 18 but all participants are willing so take that at your own discretion i guess

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Character Development- Part 4- July

Fic Masterlist! 

Word Count: 998

“I’ll see you on Friday!” Dan waved goodbye as the bus drove him away from the school and his parents. He was headed off to summer camp for the week, where he’d be stuck in a room with a bunch of boys he didn’t know. And Phil wouldn’t be there. The worst part of all: he didn’t have his phone. Dan was completely cut off for five whole days. 

In all honesty, though, Dan was sure he was going to have a great time. It was his fourth time at camp, and he’d loved it every time. He just wished he could talk to his friends. In the back of his mind, Louise talking to Phil still lingered. When he got back in a few days, the deed would be done. 

Dan quickly found that in the bus seat in front of him was a boy he’d seen once or twice before, although he couldn’t remember where. His name was Tom and he was a couple years older than Dan. The two talked and laughed the whole ride down, and Dan was thrilled. For once, he actually made a new friend. 

Upon arriving at camp, Dan found that he was rooming with a boy a he knew who was year older than him and one of his old school friends that he didn’t talk to much anymore. He didn’t mind though, because they were all going to be in the marching band and go to band camp in a few weeks. Well, minus Dan. 

Dan, of course, with his luck, was going on vacation the week of band camp. He would be there for a grand total of one day. So, he was placed in the front line of percussion. He was hoping to march in the drumline with his friends, but he knew plenty of people in the front line, so he was still excited. At least he’d get to see Phil and Louise and Janice… In fact, he was thrilled. 

During camp, Dan got odd vibes from Tom. The two would cross paths every day going to classes, and Tom would always give him random compliments. Dan’s mind began to run wild, and Dan knew that was never good. By the end of the week, he had the tiniest crush on Tom. When he sat in the front of the bus instead of in the back with Dan, he was honestly a bit sad about it. But he let it go quickly when he arrived home and picked up his phone, frantically texting Louise. Did you ask him? 


Dan facepalmed. Well, now we have to come up with a new plan. You can just ask him during band camp, I guess. 

Dan, there’s something I need to tell you. 


I like Phil too. 

Oh… Dan’s heart sank. His literal wingman liked his crush. Honestly, their lives could be a soap opera. I guess we’ll just have to see who he likes better. His choice? 

His choice.



Dan attempted to hug Phil on the night of the band’s first music rehearsal, but Phil shrugged him off. “Not much for human contact, remember?” 

“Right, right.” Dan stared at the tiled floor for a moment before looking up at Phil, a smile on his face. “I’ve missed you!” 

“I’ve missed you too. It’s so great to finally see you again.” Suddenly, Phil’s eyes trailed away from Dan and to the door. “Louise is here!” Phil waved at her as she walked over. “Just between you and me,” he said, nudging Dan’s arm. “I’ve kinda got a thing for her.” Dan’s face dropped as Phil’s rose. “Hey!” 

He likes me? 

Mhm. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like me…

For goodness’ sake, Dan. Let it go. I’ve won. 

But I’m right.

But you’re being an idiot. Honestly, if you can’t let him go and accept the fact that he likes me and he doesn’t like you, then we really shouldn’t talk anymore. 

Well, if you’ve got to be that rude, then maybe we shouldn’t!

Dan didn’t get another response after that. The conversation left him wondering when he’d turned into a hormonal schoolgirl. Dan set his phone down, lying down on his pillow in the dark. He’d lost his best friend and any chance with his crush in one day. Dan wasn’t having much of a good month. 

Louise eventually forgave Dan, to his relief. She’d decided she really didn’t like Phil that much and would give him up to Dan. Once his friendship problems ended, he found himself caught up on his own life problems. Dan took his vacation to the Bahamas and was miserable the whole time. It was extremely hot, but he barely went to the beach. And, of course, he could only do anything on his phone if he had wifi, since he didn’t have data in the foreign country. He barely spoke to any of his friends all week. 

But when Dan returned, he had the best day at band camp. He quickly learned the advantages to being in the front line. Although he had to learn a difficult xylophone part, he didn’t have to go out in the heat with his friends. Instead, his section stayed inside and laughed and smiled while learning their music. 

Despite all this, the best part of his day was sitting outside and eating lunch with Phil and their friend Stacy. The three were continuing their lunchtime tradition from elementary school: something Dan definitely didn’t want to lose. 

When they waved goodbye at the end of the day, Dan was optimistic. He was excited to go see some professional bands play in a show on Monday. But even more exciting was the fact that the entire band was going. It would be his first ride on the band bus with all his friends, and Dan was ecstatic. Every fiber of Dan’s body was humming with enthusiasm as he turned out his lights on Sunday night, the last day of July. 

anonymous asked:

Can you write something about Dan being really sensitive and squirming and such when Phil touches him back in 2009 maybe?

Phil lets out a content sigh into Dan’s mouth as they lazily make out on his bed. Phil’s parents are away for the week so he plans on making the most of their time alone. Dan dares to slip his hands under Phil’s shirt and explore his back as Phil pushes him down so that they’re resting on the headboard. Phil moves his leg in between Dan’s, putting pressure on the younger’s bulge and causing him to gasp into the kiss and buck unwillingly. Noticing how sensitive Dan is, Phil grinds his leg into his crotch and Dan lets out a stuttered breath. Phil repeats the action and Dan’s unable to hold in the whorish moan that falls from his mouth. The noise goes straight to Phil’s cock but he refuses to do anything about it before he’s gotten Dan off and heard more of the beautiful sounds he can make.

Phil moves his leg away and slowly edges his hand down Dan’s body to replace it. He begins to gently palm Dan through his tight black jeans, making the strain of his hardening dick on the material more obvious. Dan’s jaw goes slack as he pants, rendering him unable to continue the kiss, but he grips Phil’s hair and keeps him in place, wanting to be as close together as possible. Their breath is mingling and Phil’s eyes are set firmly on Dan’s, observing his reactions.

Phil applies more pressure on his dick causing Dan to whimper and move his hips in time with Phil’s hand. Dan, being a hormonal 18 year old, is overwhelmed by the pleasure. He struggles to keep his lust-filled eyes focused on anything and he eventually allows them to roll back. His pants, gasps, and cries cause Phil’s cock to twitch and painfully strain against the confinement of his jeans.

Phil speeds up his actions and Dan starts to let out high pitched moans. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he groans and before he can warn Phil, he’s coming in his jeans.

Empty Double Cups

Summary: Dan and Phil are in a relationship, but you wouldn’t think it. They attempt to surpass their first milestone as a couple – their first house party, where everyone would see them together.

Genre: Fluff fluff fluff/ Awkward teenage phan again YAY

Warnings: In depth description of alcohol and increasingly drunk Phan, the tiniest mention of intercourse and occasional taboo

Word Count: 11.1k OOPS

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anonymous asked:

Enlighten us with some wet dream Phan it pleaseee


- Little 18 year old, hormonal Dan, unable to get Phil out of his head, dreams about him almost every night. Tonight, its that dream again, the one with Phil’s body weighing heavy on him, their lips colliding and bodies rolling against one another. 

- It feels so incredibly real. He can distinctly smell Phil, taste him, hear the soft moans and heavy breathing. 

- Dan had fallen asleep with his body curled around one of his pillows, and as his dream self lets Phil undress him, the real Dan begins to grind desperately into the pillow. 

- Even in his sleep, Dan is quick to start sighing and mewling, mumbling Phil’s name and a trail of expletives that could make anyone blush.

- In his dream, Dan grips at Phil’s shoulders. He breathes his scent deeper, kisses him harder. All he see’s are those gorgeous eyes, black hair falling into his face, that smirk. 

- A hot wave of pleasure washes over Dan, and everything goes bright white. 

- He slowly cracks his eyes open, raising his hand to wipe the thin layer of sweat from his brow. That was a pretty intense dream he’d had. Stretching his body out of the curled up position, Dan feels something warm and wet against his bare stomach. He’s momentarily confused, it’s way too much to be precum, and he doesn’t even feel that hard. Had he…? Looking down, he finds his dick completely exposed and pillowcase covered in cum.

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Summary: Yet this is Phil. Phil is the type who gets jealous instead and wants to be the pillow Dan had wrapped around by his legs.

Genre: smut-cha cha cha

Warning: pillow grinding/masturbation, butt secks, swearing

Words: 1, 309 words (sigh)

A/N: ya’ll thirsty for this s o. I need to sleep it’s 3 am lmao. (s/o to dandongsfor the ask this was inspired from) Im still laughing at my back to top button like ‘pHOL’. This wasn’t supposed to be 1k long smh

Obviously, Phil is a fucking twat.

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Doin Dirt (Dan/Phil) Chapter Seven
Chapter Title: Priorities over work

Pairing: Dan and Phil (Phan)

Chapter: 7

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Anal Sex, biting, chair sex

Alternate Universe? No

Synopsis: Series of One-shot smutt scenes.

Dan is still a hormonal crazed teen in his heart. He wants sex and wants it now. Phil can take a break from work for other priorities.

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On this list are the few, the proud. These are people I’ve become very close to and cherish very much. I’ve done follow forevers previously that were miles long, but I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet… In honor of reaching 450 followers, I’m dedicating this to my favorites:

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Oops…maybe not as short as I had hoped. But if you aren’t listed don’t take it personally, there’s either a possibility I missed someone or we aren’t too close. I’ve mainly listed people here that have been through thick and thin with me, good times and bad times, or the ones that stuck around this blog long enough to put up with all the crap I’ve put them through. This is just a round of appreciation, a shout-out to the dedicated and the ones that make good company on tumblr and this website a truly enjoyable place…

I cherish you, I cherish you, I cherish you.

I also dedicate this to Jennifer formerly ‘surfingwhisky’ who I would follow to the ends of the earth and back even with her tumblr deleted. Chances are she’ll never read this, but if there is one person from tumblr I’d meet in a heartbeat, it’s her.

And to all my followers not on this list…I hope to get to know you better. You’re the ones that make being here a joy, and I can’t thank you enough for keeping up.

With all my love,


undressrehearsal  asked:

(sorry i didn't finish that ask!!) basorexia with phan please?

Basorexia - An overwhelming desire to kiss.

Still accepting 12 more!  send me a word and I’ll write a drabble!

Normally, when he looks at his best friend, Dan doesn’t really feel anything other than platonic affection. Maybe, a million years ago, Dan had felt something more, but he’s gotten over it - or so he tells himself. 

But the reality of the situation is, Dan’s still pining away, wishing more than anything that he’d taken that next step in their flirting and acted on his feelings for Phil. Maybe then they would have the chance to be together. Maybe then Dan wouldn’t have to pretend.

Either way, Dan rarely looks at Phil and finds himself filled with the desire to kiss him, but today. Well. Today is different.

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