Phil’s Livestream // 10.23.16

He’s wearing his bomber jacket from the Pokemon video

They just got from the Teen Awards where they won Best Vlogger 

The award is about the weight of 2 dogs

He got travel sick from looking at Twitter on the way home

They were just sat in the corner eating snacks in the green room

He had a ginger beer and really needed to wee but he was nervous 

Red carpets are very stressful 

He never knows where to look because he doesn’t know where Dan’s looking either

They didn’t wear suits because they weren’t presenting 

He followed Rylan because he was a cool dude

“Vlogger” was just the term they used for YouTubers 

“’Why are you one person?’ I don’t know but I’ll take it.”

He evaluated the morph someone made of them on twitter

He kept dreaming he’d fall on stage

They spoke to the Vamps and they’re nice guys

They passed Niall

He shoved a donut in his mouth as he made eye contact with Joe Jonas

“A nice thing to plonk on the mantlepiece”

“I never won anything at school, and now I have an award with my name on it which is nice.”

AHS blew his mind

He winked thanks

“Yay! You made it through your crappy week.”

Spooky Week is this coming week (it won’t start Monday but there will be 5 videos)

TATINOF was “the best time of his life”

He’s very excited for Pokemon sun and moon

He took off his jacket and got reported for nudity

“Sorry. Gotta clean up my act.”

They had a terrible time getting to Brighton for Marzia’s party

Dan kind of got his arms stuck in the doors and had to pull the doors open

“He’s probably in some strange onesie. He’s been wearing onesies a lot. Should I be worried?”

Top fans won dogs

They watched a horror movie called Don’t Breathe in Felix and Marzia’s cozy room

He’s been on a horror kick recently 

Him and Dan played Overcooked with PJ and Sophie and it was very fun 

He apologizes for the #DAPGOOSE name

#DAPGOOSE is going to be like a vidcon panel and they’ll be taking some questions 

He isn’t playing Tuber Simulator because he knew it’d ruin his life

He’s still addicted to Rolling Sky

“So spoopy”

Babies may be in Dil’s future

The 360 video makes their arms look freakishly long 

There will probably be a video of #DAPGOOSE on Dan’s channel 

He misses his shrimps but he thinks he’s done with shrimps for now

Marzia got everyone socks (his are dogs)

He asked Dan to get a snack from the shop and for some reason he got chocolate golf balls

He already knows his next video idea (it’s not baking yet)

Martyn was one day away from being a Halloween child 

Poe got knocked off the windowsill #RIP

There may be an announcement next week?? 

“Gooodbye. Ruff ruff ruff.”

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