dan actually says this all the time so when those memes started going around he thought they were about him

A Year in the Life of Dan and Phil // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, domestic fluff, family fluff, parent!Phan 

Words: 5.1k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none 

Summary: YouTube Notification: LessAmazingPhil just uploaded a video: “A Year in the Life of Dan and Phil”.

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ao3 link

summary: There’s an ampersand glowing on top of their bookshelf and seven years between the two of them. He wants to give Phil everything. Or the cloyingly nostalgic proposal fic.

word count: 2.3k

warnings: swearing?? really this is just pure

notes: hi enjoy the quickest fic i have ever written (i wrote it in a night). i am a sap. that is all.

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Every Day

Every Day

Summary: UniStudent!Phil doesn’t really care to watch YouTube sensation danisnotonfire’s videos or live shows, and his uni class always ask why.  He always gives them the same answer: “it’s like he hears it every day.”  His classmates are about to find out why he always gives the same, dull answer in a way they never would’ve guessed.

genre: fluffu

wc: 1234 (yasss)

tw: poor writing, it drags a bit idk, cheesy title

[A/N] I know there are like 80 of these kinds of fics but I wanted one like this in particular and I wasn’t sure if any existed so here we are.

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Just Friends? (Dan Howell x Reader)

Saying you struggled with keeping this inside of you was an understatment. It’s not like you didn’t try to supress it all and said to yourself that it was just a little thing that would eventually go away a million times, it’s just the fact that it started slowly, with you not even noticing until one day it just came to your head and you realized it all. All that before was kind of weird now made complete sense and you hated it in a way. Not to mention that it was a complete cliché.

So as you stared at the mesmerizing boy infront of you playing an intense game of Mario Cart next to your other best friend you couldn’t help but curse in your head for the fact that you loved him. You really tried not to, always saying that it was a tiny crush that would wear off and everything would be okay but it never wore of, did it? You were really trying to hide it as much as you could but then there were those days, the ones where he would talk about Jennifer Lawrence or a random girl he had seen or met in town or while shoppin and thought was really cute or hot and you couldn’t help the jeloussy inside you. You of course would play it cool and nod seeming interested in the conversation when inside you wanted to scream at the oblivious boy infront of you and ask him what those other girls had that you obviously didn’t have. But you never did, you just sucked it all up and put it in the back of your head knowing there was never anything you could do.

So now, 3 months after realizing your feelings for this boy, sitting on the couch watching him and your other best friend play video games, you felt that same lump in your throat, that emptynes in your stomach and horrible wave of wanting to cry out inside you but as always choose to keep it a secret.

“(Y/N)?” Phil said making get back to reality

“Oh.. Yeah?” You asked smiling at him

“Are you okay? You have been very quiet this evening.” He said with a concerned expression

“Oh no, no. It’s nothing really. I just have a lot of work to do and was just thinking of how to work it out properly.” You said half a lie since you did have a lot of work to do with the BBC Christmas special coming up

That’s where you met them, a long time ago. They had been working there for about 5 months when you came in, they help you with things that you didn’t understand and from there on everything is history. You had made it to a few of their YouTube videos since then, always asking if you were dating one of them, which you obviously said no and having some funny/epic moments in the studio.

“Well don’t worry about it. You know we can always help you if you are running out of ideas.” Phil said smiling caringly at you which made you smile

“I know. Thank you Philly” You said getting off of the couch and heading to sit on the big binbag that Phil was at the moment, hugging him and kissing his cheek

“Ah! Too much PDA!!” Dan said dramatically blocking his eyes while giggling

“Oh shush. You are just jealous because I kissed Phil and not you” You said laughing

Dan pulled his hands away and rolled his eyes “You cought me (Y/N). I am just soo jealous I can’t even.” He said mockingly but you could tell there was something off from the way he said it

“Aww poor little meme. I mean Dan” You giggled making him roll his eyes again “Come here.” You said getting from Phil’s binbag to Dan’s binbag and doing the same thing you did to Phil, blushing a little in the process

“Hey not fair!” Phil joked “I was the one to suggest everything.” He fake pouted

“Sorry Phil” You shrugged still next to Dan as his hands were wrapped around you. In a platonic way of course you thought to yourself.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m gonna go make some hot chocolate. Do you guys want some?” He asked getting up and walking out to the door

“Yes!” You and Dan both said

As Phil went out of the lounge and into the kitchen you noticed Dan’s grip on you was slightly tighter than before. You both sat there for a little bit in complete silence not even looking at each other since you were sort of leaning on him. You couldn’t help close your eyes and enjoy the moment. Then Dan took a deep sigh, like he was stressed out or annoyed and you couldn’t help but feel slightly bad for some odd reason as you open your eyes again.

“Are you okay Dan?” You asked looking over at him

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He said but you knew him too well to know that was a complete lie

Moving so you were now facing him you looked him straight in the eyes with a confused look

“Don’t lie. I know you. You are not okay. What is it?” You asked currious

“It’s nothing, okay? Can you just drop it!?” He said annoyed getting up from the binbag and sitting on the couch

“Okay..” You said feeling hurt “I’m.. I’m gonna go see if Phil needs help.” You said slowly getting up and walking out to the kitchen not wanting to be around Dan anymore

I mean what was his problem? You were just asking a question. There was no need to be like that. As you walked into the kitchen you saw Phil was actually done.

“Philly, I came to help you” You whine with a fake pout

“Sorry love. But we can go watch a movie of your choice” He offered

“I would love it. But I’m actully a little too tired. Is it okay if I just take this up to the guest room and then sleep?” I asked him apolygetic

“Oh sure. Don’t worry about it.” He said graving Dan’s mug, walking up to you and kissing your forehead before saying “Goodnight” and walking to the lounge

You took your mug and walked to the guest room that the boys thankfully were letting you stay for the moment while your aparment was getting a few remodeling things here and there. You got to the guest room and sat on the sofa bed with your mug in hand. You couldn’t help but still think back to Dan’s reaction earlier, what was wrong?


4 hours later

You couldn’t sleep, you really didn’t know why but you just couldn’t. So you were laying in bed looking up at the ceiling thinking of anything that would make you fall asleep but came up with nothing. You looked over at your phone and noticed it was 2 am. Groaning you got out of bed and headed down to the kitchen for a glass of water.

After getting the water you were about to turn around to head back to the guest from. But as you turned around you saw Dan by the door making you jump.

“Oh my God Dan!” You whisper-yelled at him “You almost gave me a heart attack”

“Sorry.” He said apolygetic “Not just for now but also earlier” He said looking up at you

“Yeah well forget about it. It really doesn’t matter anymore. I’m done.” You said a little bitter, not really wanting the last thing to be heard

“You’re done?” He asked comfused “What does that mean?”

“Nothing.” You said starting to walk but he grabbed your arm, stopping you

“No! Tell me” He said serious

“You really want to know?” You said annoyed, not really knowing if it was because of the situation or the lack of sleep

He didn’t say anything, he just noded.

“Fine” You said walking back into the kitchen and setting the glass in the counter “I shouldn’t care so much.” You said and took a deep breath before continuing “I shouldn’t care so much about you. I mean you are one of my best friends for crying out loud. And yet I care so much about you and not as a best friend. I care about you as much more than that and I really wish I didn’t because it is so hard sometimes to just be around you. You have no idea, especially when you are talking about Jennifer Lawrence or how hot or cute the girl from the shop or at the mall was. I really tried, you have no idea how hard I tried. But there are just some things that won’t go away. And my feelings for you.. They are one of those things. I have tried my best to keep it a secret but I just can’t anymore. And I really don’t know what is making me tell you all of this because I would have guess I would’ve told you when I am blackout drunk or something in the lines but I’m not. Maybe it’s the need to sleep or the fact that I can’t help to look at you and want to kiss you but I just needed to let it out.” I finished not able to even look at him

And then there it came, the silence. That complete horrible silence that can break you apart so much you can’t even handle it. I finally managed to look up only to see Dan standing in the same place he had been since I first saw him. Completly expretionless, not saying a word. And I couldn’t handle it, I felt the tears wanting to come out. So I ran. I ran as fast as I could and out of the kitchen, up to the guest room looking myself there and crying for a while until I eventually feel asleep.


To say the next morning was awkward is an understatement. Ever since I woke up I have been avoiding Dan at all cost, I just knew that I had blew it. I had ruined my friendship with him and I didn’t want to see him because it would just make me want to cry. Phil had notice something was wrong but I just brushed it off not wanting to make a big deal about it. All though one thing was for sure. I couldn’t stay here anymore. I knew that if I stayed I would start crying everytime I saw him and that would be very often. So after lunch I went up to the the office and started packing my thing so I could go to a nice hotel in Seven Dials I had staid the first time I came to London after moving from Brighton. As I was putting the last things back into my suitcase someone walked into the the room.

“What are you doing?” Said the person I dreaded to hear

“I’m packing” I said still not looking at him

“I thought your apartment wasn’t ready until like two more weeks” He said coming to view

“It isn’t” I said not daring to look up at him

“Wait, so why are you packing?” He asked confused

“I need to go. I can’t stay here anymore” I said closing the suitcase

I got up to see that he was just sat in the desk chair looking at me with shock. I turned around but was stopped by Dan pulling me close to him by the waist. I took a shaky breath not being able to move at all. I felt as one of Dan’s hands went from my waist to the suitcase putting it aside. Slowly he turned me around but I didn’t dare look up at him. He knew this so he took my chin and made me look up at him.

“Please don’t leave.” He said looking down at me

“Dan I-”

“No. Listen to me for a sec okay?” He said cutting me off, I just nodded “Last night, what you told me. I know I should have said something but I was just too shocked to say anything. But now I can and I will say what I wanted to say back then and even before that.” At this he took the hand he had on my chin and placed it back on my waist where it had been before “Ever since we met I have liked you, I thought that you were so beautiful back then and I still do, more now that I have got to know you. You make me so happy in so many ways I don’t even understand. And at first I tried to deny it because you are one of my best friends but it didn’t happen and my feelings for you only got deeper to the point where I had fallen in love with you.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was shocked and out of words for what he just said. He loved me, he loves me. I couldn’t be more happy. I really didn’t know what to say, so I did something I have been wanting to do since a long time ago. I leaned up to his face and smashed my lips with his. His hands on my waist got thighter in a good way as my hands were around his neck playing with his hair.

“I love you (Y/N)” He said inbetween the kiss

“I love you too Dan” I said smiling into the kiss

**Sorry if the imagines are a bit sappy but I have had these ones for a little while now so that’s mainly part of why I’m blaming it on. Hope you like it though..**

A Puppy Called Winston (ficmas: day 1)

Summary: the ups and downs of Dan and Phil getting a puppy.

Word count: 1147

Dan was just going into the living room to find his headphones when he smelt it. The familiar smell of dread. Oh no, he’d done it again. He looked under the table to confirm, and yes, it was true.

“PHIIILL” Dan shouted through the doorway. There was silence for a couple of seconds before the faint sounds of Phil panting could be heard.

“Wa-Dan, what is it?” Phil questioned. Dan said nothing and just pointed to under the table.

“For goodness sake. Not again!” Was Phil’s reaction. His shoulders shrugged, disappointed. He looked towards Dan for some sign of emotion. However Dan looked perfectly content, happy even. Although his little smirk held a sadistic aura to it.

Dan then spoke, “Phil, I haven’t forgotten last time. Mr ‘if you do it this time then I promise to do it if it happens again’. Well look where you are now”.

“But I thought there wouldn’t be a next time. Ugh, all of those training classes were for nothing”.

“Nah, don’t worry. We’ll get get through it. I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it eventually. However, now you have some puppy poop to clean from under the table” Dan teased.

Dan then went over to the sofa where their puppy, Winston, was currently residing with a wagging tail. As soon as Dan sat down Winston walked over to him and started licking his arm.

They’d decided to get a puppy a few months ago when the landlord had finally agreed. They had been thinking about it for a while and it would be a massive change, but it would be an addition to their family and the home that they had built together.

Dan had had a dog throughout his childhood and they had both done a lot of research before getting their dog. Of course Dan had originally wanted a shibe for memes sake but eventually they’d decided that it wouldn’t be the right breed for them. They actually decided on getting a Staffordshire bull terrior as they’d be large enough to handle it’s strength and they also wanted a very loyal dog.

They finally had gotten the puppy a few weeks ago. When it came to naming him, obviously Phil had put forward the name ‘Winston’. Which they both laughed at. Dan couldn’t deny that Phil did need a Winston in his life and this was probably the perfect opportunity. So Winston it was.

Winston was pretty much the perfect puppy. He was adorable and loved snuggling with them. One particularly cute time was when Dan had just finished editing a video. He was walking into the lounge to see if Phil wanted to go to bed yet when he saw Phil sleeping on the sofa.

Winston was sprawled out on his back, sleeping across Phil’s chest. Dan decided to wake Phil up to go to their bed so that he wouldn’t hurt his back, and he had carried Winston with them to sleep in their bed.

Originally they’d bought a crate for the puppy to sleep in as Dan had complained about the dog hairs getting all over the bed. Winston had settled pretty well in the crate in the evening and they went to bed.

However during the night Dan woke up. He was worried about Winston who was all alone in the crate in the living room. He felt a little guilty that they’d left him. He shook Phil awake to ask if he could go get Winston so that he could sleep in the bed. Phil agreed in his half awake daze and Winston had slept snuggled between them that night, and every night since.

Despite Winston being the perfect puppy for them, they have had a few mishaps. During one time where Dan was doing some laundry and Phil was filming a video, Winston had wondered off. He ventured into Dan’s room and found an array of interesting shoes.

After sniffing a few he inevitably started to chew on one with zips on it. It turned out that the shoe was a great thing to chew on and by the time the puppy had been caught the shoe was ruined. Luckily it was Phil who had witnessed the shoe chewing. After a moment of muffled laughter he picked up the shoes, and Winston, and walked out of Dan’s room, closing the door behind them.

It took about three days for Dan to notice the missing shoes. He spent twenty minutes searching the mess of his room before questioning Phil. Phil was not the most convincing liar, especially when the culprit was curled up on his lap.

“Erm” Phil answered.

“Phil, do you know or not? They’re the only ones that go with this outfit”.

“No, erm, I’m not sure”.

“Phil” Dan said in his voice that implied that he knew that Phil wasn’t telling the truth.

“Okay but it’s not my fault” Phil said to which Dan raised his eyebrows. He followed Phil into his room (with Winston following) where Phil had secretly hidden the shoes. Although he knew Dan would find out eventually.

Phil handed Dan his ruined shoes. Dan stared in shock before looking down at Winston and saying “you little Shit”. He then proceeded to storm off in a mood (which thankfully only lasted about an hour).

'Little Shit’ became a nickname for Winston when he was being naughty or particularly annoying. Like the time that he jumped up onto the keyboard of Dan’s laptop when he was in his browsing position and started licking Dan’s face. Winston had managed to send an email of various letters and numbers to a random company that had been asking Dan to accept a sponsorship.

Eventually they had to stop calling Winston 'little Shit’ because he started to respond more to that than 'Winston’ itself.

Anyone who would’ve seen their puppy probably would’ve said that he misbehaved because he was spoiled so much. But Dan and Phil couldn’t help it.

Phil had certainly gone all out in the dog toy department. Including the most weird looking dog toys that he’d ever seen. Most of them were chewed up within minutes. However, there is one toy that seems to be Winston’s favourite, which is a plushie of Simba from The Lion King. Winston doesn’t chew it, but carries it around in his mouth wherever he goes.

Dan spent hours browsing online for as many different dog outfits as he could find. He’d bought some t-shirt that had doge and pepe on them, and even a kanye west one. He’d also bought a leather jacket that would fit Winston as a joke. Phil had made sure that he’d have some colour in his little (metaphorical) wardrobe too, so they bought a couple cute christmas jumpers.

So yes, you could say that Dan and Phil were perfectly happy with their spoilt, somewhat naughty, puppy.


A/N: this Is dedicated to my wonderful dog, Dexter. Hes seriously the cutest thing and most of the things here are from dexters mannerisms.
   Also sorry for the gap in posting. I’ve got a load of school work rn. But I’m posting a phanfic every day this week!

Thanks ^ω^

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22 for andreil!! I love your writing

fic meme 1-100: andreil + 22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

send me a pairing (preferably from aftg/trc) and a number and i’ll write you a drabble (1-50) (51-100)

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A Long Journey

Requesto: Hi! Could you do an imagine where Erin is a couple of years younger then dan, and she gets pregnant by accident, and shes really worried but tells Dan and he is more happy than ever and fluff fluff fluff, then fast forward to when the baby is born? :)

A/n: I kinda of strayed away from the topic but howellzz

Side note: I actually realised a couple means two so I said it was three just in case

Dan Howell X Reader

Warnings: Such Filter Much Swearing.

You cough away from the mic before turning back to your screen, looking back at the pixelated image of your boyfriend. “Hey, Babe. How’s Freedom Land treating you?”

This was the first time you’ve been able to video chat him in a while, due to the extremely unstable wifi that he constantly complained to you about. The amount of texts that you have sent each other would cost a billion bucks if not for the ingenious invention of wifi.

He was currently touring America with his best friend Phil, which you couldn’t follow along because you were still stuck in university. You constantly forget about the slight age gap between you and Dan, it was barely a three year difference but it still affected you in many ways. For example, all of Dan’s friends being around 4-6 years older than you, which didn’t really seem that bad at your current age but was quite awkward when you were slightly younger. Not that it mattered much as you were apparently ‘very mature’ for your age.

“ Freedom land has been treating me extremely well. Lots of confectionary items that are probs going to destroy my teeth. How are you?” Dan smiles.

“Yea, urm… About that. I Urm-” You stutter. But bile suddenly rises up in your throat and a wave of nausea passes over you.

“Give me a Sec,” You manage to force out before darting into the bathroom. You kneel and bend over the toilet bowl, as the disgusting chunks of your dinner spewed out of you mouth in a maelstrom of dizziness. It takes you a while before you recover from your episode and you can hear Dan’s concerned voice shouting from your computer.

“Erin! Are you okay?”

You get up slowly, flushing the toilet as you do. Gargling and spitting out water to cleanse your mouth, you grab the stick that had been laying on the countertop for several days and head back into the bedroom.

You are greeted by Dan’s worried visage, his eyebrows furrowed, his eyes scrutinising your appearance.

“Were you just sick in the toilet?” He asks as he looks closer. “What’s that in your hands?”

He noticed the object you had been fiddling with, with your fingers. You sigh inwardly.

“Dan, I- I Urm. I have something to tell you” You blurt out.

“What is it?” He questions frantically, “Erin are you okay? It’s not cancer is it? Please god no. Please tell me you’re healthy.”

“No, it isn’t Dan.” You chuckle, “Quite the contrary, actually.I would have waited till you get back so I could tell you personally, but it’ll probably be a tad bit too late.”

You lift up the the long white object to the webcam and made sure it focused. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice in the corner of the screen. Two prominent pink lines that burned into you eyes.

“You see, Daniel. I’m Pregnant.”

Dan pauses and you feel tears brimming in your eyes. You did not know how he’d react and that’s why you’ve put it off for a while. It wasn’t planned (obviously), and the both of you were so busy that it was possibly the worst timing for a ‘bundle of joy’. He bites his lips and rests his chin on his palm before replying.

“Are you keeping it?”

His eyes don’t give away any emotion that he might be feeling as those few words slip from his lips. It was your turn to answer him.

“I contemplated the choices. You and I, we’re so busy. But I think, I’d like to keep it. Unless you feel otherwise.”

There’s a trace of a grin on his lips before they part and he says,

“That’s amazing then. Because, I can’t wait to be a Dad!”

His grin becomes wider and his eyes start to disappear. You feel a sense of solace wash over you and days of burden is carried off your shoulders.

“So, you’re not mad?”

“No. I’m ecstatic! We’re gonna have a baby! You hear that Phil!”

The black haired boy made an appearance on screen,

“Congrats, Erin! Good luck having to deal with another Howell!”


You giggle at the two boys as they start a push fight. At that moment, nothing could get any better.

“Come on, you can do it Erin.”

You vaguely hear a whisper from your left. You clutch on to his hand, squeezing it as you let out a wail of pain. The agony was more excruciating than anything fathomable.

“I hate you, Daniel Howell!” You shriek, as you were hit with another wave of contractions as your baby tries to force its way out of you.

Dan’s hand was beginning to turn beetroot red, but he still kept his soft smile on his face. He brushes a strand of hair away from your damp forehead.

“ I know it hurts like hell, Sweetheart. Just push through it and we’ll see our baby soon.”

Suddenly, flashes of memories from several months ago invade your thoughts.

“Dan, I have something to show you,” You announce, a child-like smile upon your lips.

“More surprises, I see!” He chuckles.

You lift up the ultrasound photo from your doctor’s appointment. Swinging it in front of the webcam. You hold it there for a few seconds so that Dan could take it in.

“It’s a Smol bean!” He exclaims, “Literally.”

"You are a walking meme, aren’t you?” You guffaw hard enough to gain abs.

“Well I am Phil Trash number 1” He winks.

More memories keep flooding in like an unrelentless tsunami.

You search the crowd for two familiar brown and black haired giants. The arrival gates flooded with throngs of people alighting from flights. They surrounded you, even though you tried to stay out of the way.

It’s not long until you notice them, trudging their way towards you, huge and heavy suitcases in toll.

“Dan!” You shout, trying to project your voice over the natural noise of the arrivers. “Over here!”

He looks up and notices you in a corner, his face instantly lighting up. He shoves his way through the crowd and drags his suitcase towards you. Once he reaches where you stand, he envelops you into a bear hug.

“I told you not to come and fetch us.” He reprimands softly into your hair.

You know he can feel your bump pressing against his stomach but he chooses to stay silent about it.

“You need lots of rest, you know.” He reminds you for the thousandth time.

That night, his hand was rested comfortably on your tummy. He kept whispering sweet things when he thought you were asleep. The cold, emptiness in the bed was filled with warmth again.

And they continue to flow in.

Dan clutches your hand tightly as your consultant applies the gel to your stomach. His foot is tapping a persistent beat against the floor and you could have sworn you saw a bead of sweat trickle down his forehead.

“You’re more nervous than me, Dan.” You chortle as he starts biting his lip.

“I’m just excited to see them for the first time.” He utters.

A fuzzy imagine appears on screen as your consultant places the probe on the gel. Your baby appears on screen and your heart immediately soars. You gaze at Dan and notice a stray tear escape from his eye.


“You’re almost there, Erin” Dan mumbles into your ear, “I know you can do it. I believe in you”

The searing hot throb grows more intense as you feel a shooting pain in your lower region. You groan loudly, panting heavily as you stop pushing.

“Fuck you, Dan. This is all your fault.” You screech.

He grimaces as your grip around his hand tightens, a contraction pounding you harder than before. He looks over to where the main commotion is happening and immediately regrets it, his face turning as white as a sheet.

You are too tired to scream at him anymore, all you want to do is go home. You lay your head against the pillow and tears start flowing down your cheeks.

“Dan, I want to sleep. I’m fucking tired.”

“I know, love.” He murmurs gently. “But the faster you get this over and done with, the faster we’ll finally get to see them.”

You nod your head before you are told to push again. You let out a low moan of agony.

“They’re crowning!”

“Daniel James Howell! You fucking suck!” You holler, nearly crushing the bones in his fingers.

Most of the pain begins to ebb away and you collapse against the bed again.

A loud cry fills the air and your recognise it immediately, even though you’ve never heard it before. Your legs slacken and your grip on Dan’s hand slowly releases.

Your baby is here.