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SNL 40th Anniversary Special : Weekend Update

I honestly hope that Weekend Update starts off with Chevy, he tells some jokes, then Jane pushes him aside and she then takes over, following that, Dan Ackroyd joins her. Following a few jokes, Bill Murray steps in and Ackroyd walks away, following a few more jokes, (if he appears) Dennis Miller’s Weekend Update intro plays, but on another Weekend Update set and Dennis Miller appears and takes over, then Kevin Nealon (if he appears) takes over following a few jokes, some more jokes, then Norm pushes him aside and tells some jokes, and following that Norm (attached to a pulley), is lifted off of the set and then Colin Quinn (if he appears) rolls in and takes his place. Following a few jokes, Jimmy and Tina’s Weekend Update intro plays, and Tina and Jimmy appear on another Weekend Update set, and start telling jokes. Then Jimmy puts on some sunglasses, and walks away (to his film career), and Amy rolls in, and they start telling jokes. Tina then gets up and strolls away with the 30 Rock theme playing subtly, and Amy rolls over to the viewers left of the screen, and Seth moves on to the right. After a few jokes, Amy walks away with the Parks and Rec theme playing subtly, and Seth moves to the middle. After a few jokes, Cecily rolls in and Seth moves over to the left. After a few jokes, Seth gets up and walks away, and Colin walks in and takes his place. After a few more jokes, Cecily rolls away, and Che takes over. Following a few more jokes, the rest of the Weekend Update anchors roll in and surround the desk and Colin says, “For Weekend Update I’m Colin Jost”, followed by each anchor saying their name, and ending with all of them saying, “Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.”