dan abary

Flags: Object_ify139 x Ace Hotel

Flags are symbols. Hand-stitched swaths of colored fabrics, a flag straddles the chasm between abstraction and representation — allegorical signifiers of pride, country, and the tenets of being. People live and die by them. They plant them in moon mud. They wave them in the wind from the tops of hundred-story buildings; they fold them and bury them in ritualistic ceremony. 

But symbols are living, breathing things, with meanings that shift and shuck, depending on who is claiming them as their own. When a flag’s colors, stripes or stars fail to represent the things we hold close, we are left to create anew. 

The following flags were designed by nine artists as a reaction against the political climate in this country. To combat the changes and to reflect the anxieties of our time, art collective and store Object_ify139 commissioned nine artists to design a flag that’s representative of ideals each artist believes in, and that they feel are being threatened by the current administration. 

These flags will fly from the rafters of Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles all month long, and are available for made-to-order purchase on our shop. A portion of proceeds from each flag go to a non-profit organization chosen by the artist that corresponds to the ideals represented in the flag.

1. Minimal Flag by Monica Ramos for the Sierra Club.

2. Everything is Connected by Chiaozza for the Environmental Defense Fund

3. Balance by Josefina Santos for The Environmental Defense Fund.

4.T.L. Ako Sa'yo by Dan Abary for The National Immigration Law Center

5. Eros by Erik Freer for the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in Manhattan. 

6. Proposal for temporary U.S. flag (white space and gray area) by Zak Jensen for the ACLU.

7. Come Together by Kristen Texeira for the ACLU.

8. Planetario by Maria Candanoza for the National Immigration Project.

9.Borders by Rachel Levit for The UN refugee Agency

Flags, plus a book of all nine, are available at Ace Shop or IRL at Ace DTLA.