dan 30

dan: fucks with us with domestic tweets and shit, loudly types in the background of phil’s ls AND screams in dapg for no reason

me: i’ll never forgive you for this why are you like this

dan: *is soft and giggly in his liveshow*

me after watching the first second:

i forgive all your sins and screaming i love you with my whole heart i want to poke your cute lil dimple and see you healthy


Honestly, what would our neighbours think of us? What would they think is happening? We’re just screaming in the middle of a night, stomping around, making the weirdest noises, and then just blaring Game of Thrones on full volume at 3 a.m. But we didn’t like smash anything. I can’t decide whether we’re like the best neighbours or the worst ones.

part 1 // part 2