Anything he can do, I can do better

“Phil! Put me down!” You shout through the apartment, startling a restless Dan upstairs while he edits a video. He quietly gets up and tiptoes toward the kitchen, following the sound of laughter. Dan pokes his head through the doorway to see Phil placing you on the counter, nibbling on your ear while you laugh uncontrollably. There is flour all over his black skinny jeans and some in your hair. He rolls his eyes and walks back to his room, mumbling to himself at his desk.   

“Dan, are you in your room? Dinner’s ready!” You make your way down the quiet hallway and knock lightly on his door. No answer. “You’ve been in there for hours, come on!” You knocked again, this time quite forcefully. Again, no response. “Dan? Are you okay in there?”You carefully twist the doorknob and peek in. Dan is fully invested in his desktop. You quietly walk in and nudge his shoulder.

“I think getting you those noise cancelling headphones for Christmas was a mista–’ he grabbed your wrist just as you were about to tap his shoulder again. “Dan, what are yo–”

“I can do it. Anything he can do, I can do better.” He stands up, towering over you. He presses his hand into the small of your back, pulling you close. He plants a kiss on your forehead. “See, I saw you two in the kitchen.” He rested his hands on the underside of your thighs and lifted you up, carefully dropping you onto an open space on his desk. Bringing his hands up to your waist and under your sweater, you shudder under his freezing touch. He tightens his grip on your waist and starts kissing your neck.

“Dan, st–” Before you can finish your sentence, he locks his lips with yours. As much as you want to pull away, as much as you want to run to Phil like a loyal girlfriend, you just can’t find the will to say no. You dive into the kiss, letting vice take over. You move your arms from their frozen state at your sides up around his neck.

“We have to go the kitchen before Phil’s notices how long I’ve been gone,” you whisper, pulling away from his soft lips.

“Okay, okay.” He loosened his grip on your hips and helped you off his desk.

“Not a word of this to Phil, understood?” you warned.

“Yes, of course,” he said with a wink. You rolled your eyes and made your way into the kitchen, where Phil was grabbing some plates for dinner. Dan showed no signs of guilt as he made his plate and sat down to eat.