Hey, guys! I’m baaaaack! o(≧∇≦o)

After completing my AP portfolio, doing other illustration jobs on the side, taking a heck ton of exams, and surviving nearly this entire semester (this week is the last week woooo), I finally managed to make something for you guys. <3

I’ve missed this sooooooo much!!!! ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

Thanks for sticking with me despite my unannounced hiatus. Now that summer’s approaching, I’ll try my best to return to my original upload schedule. ^_^

Wellll, anyways, since I’ve been gone, I have been keeping up with Dan and Phil, or rather, Daniel and Phil… (*^▽^*) Somehow I can’t help but feel as if “Daniel” is somehow fancier, haha.

Alas, this is still Dan; thus, his message will forever fill our minds about the uncertainty and inevitability of death… ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

(Also, kudos to @danielhowell for embracing those curls! It takes a lot of courage, and his natural hair is so beautiful! (TvT))

Until next time! *^_^*

All I want in life is to see Daniel Howell in with some makeup on and Phil Lester with his hair curled and being 2009 flirty is that too much to ask?


florals and galaxies {my first gifs} // I’ve wanted to do something with this photo of dan for a while because I love it so much and now I finally have! // thank you for all the recent support I’ve been getting! it means the world to me, I work so hard on these edits.

BLFC and AC badge: Dan

This is for OtherOtter, who wanted a badge for BLFC, and he’s also attending Anthrocon. This year’s theme for Anthrocon is Baseball (more specifically “Take me out to the ball game”), and he’s more excited for this theme than BLFC’s, so he wanted me to do for him his fursona Dan as a baseball player.

For this pic I tried to do a more minimalist scene, but immitating the watercolor technique but in digital. I liked the result, and Pepe (or Dan, or OtherOtter) so loved it.