So, I met Dan & Phil at TATINOF in Sydney yesterday, and it was honestly the greatest day of my life omfg. 

 Merch wise, I got basically everything - the VIP tote, poster, flower crown & wristband + the tour shirt & crewneck (not pictured bc I’m living in it) + another tote and wristband bc why not. 

 The meet and greet was so amazing, and I’m lucky to have gone. Shoutout to the little group I made friends with (you guys are all so wonderful) & Dan and Phil for making this happen (and actually coming to Australia). 

 And last, but not least, the show. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed myself that much in my life. If you have the chance of going, do ittttt. You will not regret it. ❤️ 

 Down below is a transcript *cough* of my meeting with them! (also, if anyone has a copy of the VIP playlist & pre-show playlist from Sydney, pls message me!)

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THESE ARE NOT MINE. I found this on a vine account called softphilip and it’s not even hers either. (She deleted the vine but luckily I took some screen shots before she did) but like HOLY CRAP I DIDNT KNOW DAN HAD IT IN HIM.