Best ToZ Rose moments
  • That monster book entry where she goes “NOPE” multiple times about the spiders
  • That time in ToZX where she steals a soldier’s wine glass through intimidation while Alisha’s yelling at their boss
  • “Your job is to give life, my job is to take”
  • When we think she’s gonna be damselfied by Kittybeard but then she just about slices Symonne’s neck instead
  • If you talk to her in the Fire Temple she gets mad abt how hot it is and is like “for once in my life I wish I had one of those impossibly skimpy warrior girl outfits”
  • Her falling asleep during Lailah’s game mechanic lectures, because same
  • How about last week in ToZX when we finally got to see her complete a Scattered Bones job against that bishop. That was cool

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  • Me: "Wow, thank you, Age of Ultron, you've successfully set feminism back another two years."
  • Mad Max: *dumps a wide variety of ladies both damsel and destroyer into the desert and drags them out* "Here, we just bought a year back."
  • Jurassic World: *aggressively refers to the dinosaurs as female and refuses to damselfy its damsel* "Here's another year!"
  • Inside Out: *shoves seven different female characters onto the screen, blows its nose with the Bechdel Test* "Here, let's start moving forward again."