“My Hero”

Sometimes Beth asks me why I love her. So I tell her, honestly, “You’re the best person I know.”

I don’t just mean prettiest, sexiest, or funniest. I mean — literally — “best”.

She always thinks of other people and treats them they way she’d like to be treated. She doesn’t chose to be like this. She just can’t conceive of being any other way. And she doesn’t understand why everyone isn’t like this.

It’s not always easy for her. In fact, she’s gotten hurt when people don’t treat her the way she thinks people should treat each other.

But she can’t stop being the way she is. Even if it would be easier for her. It’s not in her to give up.

You could say she’s kind of my hero.

So when I sat down to draw a picture of her (and our cat!) for her birthday, I thought she deserved to look like a superhero.

Happy Birthday, honey. I love you.

On this day, one of the smartest & prettiest & funniest gals in the whole world was born. You know what’s even cooler? That I am lucky enough to call her friend!

Her name is Beth and I hope she has a great birthday!!! 

(photo by j.s)

True Story
  • Me:[Flips channels.]
  • Wife:[Says something I do not hear.]
  • Me:[Continues flipping channels.]
  • Wife:[Says something else I do not hear. Looks to me for response.]
  • Me:[Instantaneously determines historically safest answer.] "Oh, yeah. I totally agree."
  • Wife:[Looks at me.]
  • Me:[Continues flipping channels.]
  • Wife:[Looks at me.]
  • Me:[Continues flipping channels.]
  • Wife:"Really."
  • Me:[Continues flipping channels.] "Uh-huh."
  • Wife:"So you think you're smarter than I am."
  • Me:[Stops flipping channels. Breaks out in terror sweat.] "What?"
  • Wife:"I said — and I quote — 'But you're so much smarter than me,' and you said, 'Oh, yeah. I totally agree.'"
  • Me:"What?"
  • Wife:"I said you were smarter than me and you said you agreed."
  • Me:[Looks at her.]
  • Wife:[Looks at me.]
  • Me:[Looks at her.]
  • Wife:[Looks at me.]

Dear Beth!

I hope you have a very happy birthday! Pony, Finn and I are thinking about you and wish we could celebrate with you!

You are very dear to me & I am so glad we became friends!


The Sweeneys are coming to town this weekend and they want to play with you!

Hey Chicago(ish)igans,

We’ll be at Jack’s Bar & Grill/404 Wine Bar at 2856 N. Southport for food and drinks starting at 6:00 this coming Saturday (Feb 5).

Jack’s is pretty special in that it is half wine bar & half sports bar. Guess where Beth and I will be! Just kidding, there are huge tables on the Jack’s side so we can all be together (no touching!) and you can order from either menu so everyone should be happy.

If you could be so kind, please reply to this post and let me know if you’re coming so I have an idea of how big of a group we can expect. Thanks!



“riding the nightmare”

Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday.

I recently found out one of the reasons she has trouble sleeping is that she gets nightmares.

I drew this to remind her when she sets her mind to something, she is unstoppable.

And if she decided to face that nightmare and make friends with it and go on awesome adventures with it, she could.

Because she is the very best person I know.

Love you, honey.

Dear God,

I know I haven’t been the best Christian lately.  I’m sorry for that. I really am.

I don’t ask for much, but at this moment I’m on my knees begging you to save me from the feet that are currently on my dashboard.  Jason and Beth know I love them dearly, but I cannot handle this.

Please help me, God.

Please help me, or put me out of my misery.

In the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit.


The Road to TJ

In which our heroine begins a perilous journey from being TJ’s Canadian girlfriend to being a Wife of TJ through the medium of the Bitchin’ Montage.

It occurs to me that some of you may not know this exists.

Or may have forgotten.

(Side Note: there must be some problem with Vimeo because it says this was 4 years ago, and I’m sure it was, like, 2. Right? It couldn’t be FOUR YEARS.)