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Preference #67: He Gets Protective Over You

***AUTHORS NOTE: A lot of people have been asking me if I’m still going to write about Zayn in my preferences? Well of course I am! He is still part of the ot5 like he is still part of our hearts. Enjoy xx. ALSO SEND IN REQUESTS! 

Harry: “You can make this one baby,” you yelled. “I believe in you.” Both Harry and the booth boy gave you a side-ways glance. Harry burned around thirty dollars on this basketball carnival game. But no matter how many misses, he believed he could still make three baskets in a row and you did not want to be the one to burst his bubble. He let out a loud sigh. He flexed his arm and elbow back. He was wearing a muscle tee and you felt a smile creep onto your face. You admired your boyfriend as he got into position to shoot the basket. He already had two in a row, and only needed one more. He exhaled again, moved his arm back, then forward, then let go. You know those dramatic movies, where its the last twenty seconds of the game and the beautiful main character shoots the ball and it hits then the rim then the ball makes it in? Yeah, well, Harry was not so lucky. The ball hit the rim and instead of falling in, it bounced out. “Goddamn it!” he screamed, kicking the ball to the other side of the court. “Give me another try!” he said, pulling out his wallet and handing the booth boy ten more dollars. The young man shook his head, “No,” he said. “I can’t deal with this anymore.” Harry rolled his eyes, “Yeah, like you could do better.” The boy raised his eyebrows and picked up the basketball from the ground, “All right,” he said, cockily. “Wanna put money on it?” the boy asked. Harry crossed his arms across his chest, “What’s the bet?” he said. Harry towered over the adolescent but the boy did not back down nor did he looked intimidated. “If I get these next three baskets, you leave and if I don’t, you can keep playing until you win,” he said. “For free.” You felt your body tense as Harry’s mouth grew into a smirk, knowing he was falling for the kids gamble. “Your on,” Harry said. “Kid.” He turned his back on him and walked over to you. He leaned against the fence, his arms still across his chest. The first two baskets, barely, made it in. Hitting the rim each time. It was the boys last try. He got into position, angled his arm back, then forward, then let go. He got it in, with a perfect swish. When he realized he made it, he turned toward the two of you, and smile broke out onto his face. He picked up the ball and shrugged his shoulders. “Easy as hell,” he said. “Now that I have won, how about a kiss beautiful?” he said, eyeing you up and down. You felt your eyes go wide, “Excuse me?” you said. “You’re just fifteen.” “Yeah but I still got game.” he said cocking his eyebrow. Harry scoffed, “Back off kid,” he said, shoving him back. “She is way too hot for you.” He wrapped a protective arm around your waist, pulling you closer. He kissed the side of your head, but never broke eye contact with the booth boy. Then he gripped your hand, and walked off the court. You made it about two feet before he spun you around and kissed you right in the middle of the large crowd. He pulled you closer, placing a hand on your lower back, deepening the kiss. You released first, “What was that for?” you said, still taken back. He cupped your face, “Because you are all mine,” he smiled. “Lets get out of here.” 

Louis: Being in the public eye was not exactly your thing. You were an introvert all your life, staying out of the spotlight, talking only when you had to but being friends with One Direction did not make that easy for you. And it was the first time that you had the face the paparazzi without one of them by your side. You were in New York with the boys, and you decided to indulge in some shopping. The boys got home very late last night from the concert and you did not want to bother them but you were regretting that now. You stared out the all glass doors of the hotel lobby. You could see a very narrow path that led to the car. The paparazzi were swarming outside the hotel, pooling into the rode probably making the traffic all the more worse. You couldn’t help but think about how all this was just for you. You couldn’t imagine how much worse it was for the boys. You let out a stressed sigh, ‘Alright’ you thought. ‘You can do this.’ You put a death grip around the strap of your bag. Two bellhops opened the door as you approached it. The light sound of voices quickly turned into screaming. You walked outside and was hit with the sounds of desperate people trying to get any news out of you. You kept your head down, trying to focus on your walking. But suddenly, someone pulled at your bag, causing you to jerk and trip to the ground. Outstandingly, the voices got even louder and the flashes even brighter. You sat on the floor in shock, not knowing what to do. On the brink of tears, you look around for anyone to help but all the guards were trying to keep the paparazzi from jumping you. All of a sudden, you felt hands grip your upper arms, lifting you up. He picked you up and put an arm around your waist, securing you to his side. You look at the man and realized its Louis. He gives you a reassuring smile and leads you down the narrow path to the car. A reporter made it past the man-made walls and began to approach the two of you. He kept yelling things at the two of you. Once you two were close enough for the man to hear, Louis spoke up. “Come on dude, please just back off.” Louis said. The man did not back away, in fact he lifted his camera, and the flash went off in your faces. Louis jaw tensed, and his grip on your waist tightened, “I’m serious, back off,” he said. “Now.” Louis was assertive with his tone. The camera man laughed, “All right, I leave you and your whore alone. For a statement.” The smile he had on his face, sickened you. Louis eyes squinted. Frighteningly, he humorlessly laughed, “Oh yeah?” he said, mockingly. He grabbed the man’s camera by the lens and in a quick flick of his wrist, threw it on the ground. The sound wasn’t loud enough to hear but you watched as the camera shattered into pieces. Louis returned the sardonic smile to the reporter and led you to the car. Once you got in side, he shut the door behind himself. You both turned to face each other at the same, and were surprisingly very close to one another. You both smiled. “What will you do about that camera?” you asked, eyeing him up and down. Secretly, you always admired Louis but no one knew and you weren’t sure if he felt the same way. “They will probably make me pay for it,” he laughed. “And make me do an interview or something.” he said, rolling his eyes. You chuckled along, “Oh god,” you said. “I am so sorry.” You put your head into your hands, completely embarrassed. He inched forward and shook his head. He grabbed your hands and removed them from your face. “It was worth it,” he whispered, cupping your cheek. “You were worth that and so much more.” Then he kissed you. Luckily the windows were tinted, because what had happened next would have made a hell of a story. 

Liam: It was one of the hottest days of the summer so far. You thought that you and Liam would have to hide out at home for the whole summer because of how much attention the boys have gotten this past year but Liam said that he and the boys discovered a beach that no one knew about. And any chance you could get to go swimming, you were willing to take. You and Liam packed all your beach things and went to the secluded seaside. Liam was right, there were maybe ten other people there, and they didn’t seem to care much at all who you guys were. When you stepped out of the car, you noticeably relaxed, and looked out across the bay. You inhaled the smell of sea salt and sand. Liam hugged you from behind, “Do you like it?” he asked. You shook your head, and embraced him back. He kissed your shoulder, “Good,” he said. “Let’s go.” He led you down to the waters edge. He placed the bags and the blankets a few feet behind you so they wouldn’t get wet. “Babe, I’m going to get the cooler from the car.” Liam said. “Okay.” you smiled. He let out a little laugh, “Its so nice to see you happy.” he said. He lifted your chin with his finger and kissed you before he left. You were enjoying the view when you noticed the water was reaching farther that it was before. “Shit.” you said out loud. You quickly turned around and ran to you stuff. You picked up as many bags as you could but you couldn’t lift them all yourself. “God damn it.” you said. A boy around your age approached you, “Hey are you all right?” he asked. You shook your head, looking around for Liam. “No. I mean its high tide and I need to move all this stuff but I only had two hands.” you said sarcastically. “Let me help you.” the stranger said. He didn’t even wait for your answer and picked up a few bags. You picked up the remaining few and trailed behind him. “Is this good?” the man asked, using his foot to show you where he was placing your stuff. “Yeah,” you said. “Thats fine.” You dropped the stuff next to him and placed your hands on your hips. “Thanks so much.” You placed a hand over your eyes to block out the sun, and finally took a good look at the guy who helped you. He was staring at you too. “This is a lot of stuff for just one girl.” he smiled, flirtatiously. You uncomfortably chuckled, “Actually I’m-” You got cut off. “Actually mate she’s with me,” Liam said, draping an arm around your shoulders. “And thanks for you help but I think we are good now.” he said. The guy was at a loss of words and walked away without a sound. “Damn,” Liam cursed. “Everybody is looking for a damsel in distress.” He said. He pulled your closer by your hips. You put your two hands on his chest, “Well lucky for you, this damsel has all ready been de-stressed.” you said, biting your bottom lip. He smiled too, “Lucky me.”he said smirking. He leaned over and kissed you lips. When he released he looked at the ocean. Then, without warning, he picked you up over his shoulders and raced to the shore. “Liam!” you screamed. “Don’t worry babe!” he said, excitedly. Then when he reached the water he threw you in but you grabbed his arm just in time so he fell in too. When you two emerged from the water, neither of you could stop laughing.
Zayn: The party had all ready started before you and Zayn had arrived. Both of you arrived fashionably dressed and fashionably late, turning many heads as you walked by. Hand in hand, you walked to the beat of the music until you reached the back of the house. But something made you stumble. More like someone. “Oh my god, what the hell is he doing here?” you panicked. You turned around quickly and bumped into Zayn’s chest. “What the hell-” But it was all ready too late. A husky, low laugh made both of you freeze in place, but for two difference reasons. You stood frozen next to Zayn in fear while he stood tall and confidently still. He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you closer. “Well what are the odds that both of you would be here?” your ex-boyfriend, Scott, said. He held a beer in his right hand that slushed around when he pointed at the two of you. “I could ask you the same thing,” Zayn sighed. “I believe trash should outside on the curb.” He looked down at Scott, physically dominating over him. “Don’t be so bitter man,” Scott said. He inched closer till he was face to face with Zayn. “Does it bother you that I have done more things to your girlfriend that you have only imagined doing?” Zayn flinched, and a humorless smirk spread across his face. “Oh really?” he said, raising his eyebrow. In one quick motion, Zayn rolled his hand into a fist and pushed his arm up and forward, hitting Scott right on the nose. There was a loud crack, and just by the sound, you knew Scott’s nose was broken. “What the hell dude?” he screeched, backing up and grabbing his nose. Zayn dropped his arm and bent slightly down until he was eye-level with Scott. “You ever talk about my girlfriend like that again, I will break more than just your nose. Do I make myself clear?” he said, intimidatingly. Scott shook his head slightly, and backed away into the kitchen. Then Zayn took your hand softly, and started leading you to the front of the house. “Zayn wait,” you said, pulling back. “Your hand. Its bleeding.” He looked down at this hand and shook his head, “I can bandage it up when we get home.” He drove the two of you home quickly and when you got home, you made him sit on the couch while you got the first aid kit. You sat down in front of him and got out cotton balls and ethyl alcohol. You picked up his right hand softly and pressed the wet cotton ball in on his cuts. “Ouch,” he said, retracting his arm slightly. You finished up cleaning and wrapped his knuckles with gauze carefully. Then you kissed his knuckles softly, “Thank you, baby.” you said. He smiled up at you and with his right index finger, rubbed a line across your bottom lip. “I would do anything for you. You know that right?” he asked. You shook your head and leaned forward. You took one hand and cupped his face, “I love you.” you sighed. He let out a breath of air, “I love you too, babe.” he leaned all the way forward, and pressed his lips into yours. A slow kiss turned into a passionate one, and after sometime all the nights events were forgotten.
Niall: It was your first time in LA so Niall decided to take you to a Lakers game. He was able to get court side seats where you could pretty much feel the players sweat on you. Disgusting, yes, but it was all for the experience. Either way, the players were just coming out and you noticed one starting to eye you as soon as he stepped out of the locker room. He took off his long-sleeved shirt but his jersey came off slightly with it. He caught you staring and smiled to himself. You felt yourself cringe and looked away quickly, interlocking your arm with Niall’s. The players then sprawled across the court and started to warm up for their big game against the Boston Celtics tonight. The player who was eyeing you from before, conveniently started shooting baskets near where you were seated. You hoped to god he wouldn’t say anything but life just loves to push you over the edge. “Hey there beautiful.” he said, strolling over to you and placing the basketball on his hip. “Hi?” you said, slightly awkwardly. He laughed at you, “How about after the game, if we win, you and I go to the after party.” he said. You were about to say something when Niall joined in on the conversation. “If you win,” Niall said mockingly. “I wouldn’t bet on it.” The player just scoffed and returned back to practicing, occasionally shooting you a glance here and there. Niall draped a arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer. The game began with a loud roar from the crowd. The game continued on, while both teams fought ferociously to keep the score at least even. About half way through the game, the player scored a basket and blew you a kiss as he raced to get to the other side. “What the hell?” Niall said loudly. “What the fuck is he thinking?” You gripped tighter onto his arm and held his hand in it his, “He probably isn’t babe. Just ignore him.” The Celtics fight valiantly against the lakers. But at the end of the day, the Lakers did win but before the player could approach you, Niall hauled the two of you out of the stadium. He mazed through the crowd holding onto your hand tightly until you literally reached the doorhandles of your. He opened your car door for you and waited till you sat down before he closed the door behind you. He raced to the other side and sat in the drivers seat. He started the car but did not immediately start driving. “He better not trying anything.” Niall said. You laughed lightly, “You barely gave him the chance.” You leaned over the dash and cupped Niall’s face, “There is no need to be jealous, he has nothing on you.” you said, smirking slightly. Niall rolled his eyes, “I was not jealous.” he said, unconvincingly. “Whatever you say.” You leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. He smiled into the kiss, “I love you so much princess.” he said. You chuckled, “I love you too babe.”

what really pisses me off is the show’s penchant for michonne’s relationships with men being pushed aside. 

it’s assumed that she spent a whole winter looking for the governor with only daryl as her backup; you’d think they’d be a lot closer because of that, but nooooo. they hardly ever interact anymore.

we get some lovely richonne-centric episode earlier in 5B and then some white girl shows up, is vaguely implied to be a damsel in need of de-stressing, and bam! rick and carol are all ‘avenging angels’ for her. i cannot freakin’ believe this crap.

and even IF richonne is endgame, i’m pissed that we’ll have to walk all over aforementioned white girl just to get there. this show really sucks for ladies, especially those of colour.