damsel dash

We are tired of losing agency:
Persephone rips six seeds from their fleshy husks and
bares her teeth against Zeus’s paltry benediction.
She rules with an iron heart and a frosted smile.

We are tired of being erased:
Eurydice’s name is printed first on the marquee as she
leads Orpheus to a standing ovation from inside Hade’s Halls.
She accepts baskets of honey and roses as her due

We are tired of feeling ignored:
Echo stops hiding behind sycamore trunks and she
breaks Narcissus’ mirror with a golden apple.
She starts a conversation and refuses to finish it

We are done with fucking dying
to be the damsel for your dashing hero,
to be relegated to a possessive pronoun
in your goddamned myth.

We do not belong to the narrative;
the narrative belongs to us and
we are going to rewrite the stories
to reflect our fucking presence.

Persephone chooses winter,
Eurydice turns around,
Echo speaks first and
We stop shouting into empty canyons.
—  ​Womanhood is the story of being forbidden

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Smoochy Anon

Prompt: I just found your blog and its amazing!!!~ Can I request kiss headcanons for the nohrian boys? (Xander, Keaton, Laslow, Leo,….)

Notes: I’m not going to do all of the boys, so I just added a few since I got the feeling you wanted me to do so. Also thank you so much I’m glad you think so!


○ He doesn’t actually kiss you a lot as he doesn’t want to show affection flippantly

○ When he does kiss you though it’s always very loving and his care comes through clearly and he holds you close

○ Doesn’t like to kiss in public at all, preferring to keep such intimacies between the two of you

○ Does enjoy goodmorning, goodnight and goodbye kisses, though


○ Loves kissing. Like he will always take kisses he just loves them

○ He gets easily embarrassed if friends are around though so he won’t go for it then - but he won’t complain if you do (on the flip side he strangely doesn’t seem to care too much if there are a few strangers around.)

○ In the beginning of your relationship he always asks if he can kiss you, even after the first time. It takes him a while to be assured that you’re comfortable with him doing such.

○  Likes to catch you by surprise with kisses (generally quick pecks) and finds it especially cute if he startles you by coming from behind


○ Likes to hold your face when he kisses you, even if just with one hand

○ Doesn’t dislike kissing in public but he’s usually too shy to do it

○ Definitely prefers long kisses

○ Tends to kiss you when he knows you’re going to argue with something he can’t control/has to do before running off


Sloppy. He doesn’t mean to be, he’s just inexperienced and messy by nature

○ Expect tongue, and a fair bit of it

○ Likes to nuzzle your neck and face after kisses

○ Does a victory howl after your first kiss


○ Lots of little pecks. Kisses hello, goodbye, and just because. So many quick kisses

○ Tends to tell long-winded tales about a hero saving a damsel (the roles obviously supposed to be you and him) and asking for kisses afterwards by saying something like ‘and the beautiful damsel gave her dashing hero a kiss as a reward?’

○ Super playful with kisses. He loves to  kiss all over your face and try silly kisses like spiderman kisses or underwater kisses.

○ Seldom serious with kisses, but when he is it’s kind of breathtaking. he hold both of your cheeks and keeps you close to him pouring as much feeling as he can into the moment. 


○ Biggest tease he’s so mean. He likes to get really close to you and trace his fingers over your lips and just pull away. Either you get so mad you just kiss him or you manage to withstand him and he gives you the lightest peck that is not fully satisfying until you do something about it. Pretty much makes you take the step.

○ Lots of forehead kisses when he’s feeling thoughtful or having a rough patch

○ Likes to bite or suck at your bottom lip

○ Loves to kiss your neck from behind when you’re busy just to fluster you. He’ll even do it when you’re talking to someone sometimes, as long as they aren’t anyone he deems important.


○ So shy you’ll probably end up making the first move. Or he’ll ask you if he can rather bashfully

○ Blushes like every time for a long time he is so cute

○ Is extremely gentle when he kisses you because he doesn’t want to hurt you or offend you by accident

○ He loves to have you on his lap when you kiss

  • Tumblr: We are tired of the "strong female character" trope! We want well written characters! Well rounded characters! Women who feel vulnerable, but accomplish great things anyway.
  • Scarlet Witch: *Is scared about facing a literal army of murderbots and feels responsible for the seemingly inevitable end of the world. Decides, on her own, to fight back after Hawkeye, someone with a lot more experience in this area, reminds her that she can.*