dampho doodles

peculiar-little-rabbit said: oh man the part four scanlation is “golden” at the start. and a fan stand? yes yes please share!

Okay well you can read about it but basically the set-backs are:

  • Lucky Suit and Tie cannot teleport w/o me going aswell
  • Can only teleport to places I can visualize a 360 image of in my head (so i cannot randomly teleport to paris without going there or having really in-depth pictures of the area)
  • Everything touching me (skin) and Lucky S.A.T. will teleport. This includes grass under my feet if im barefoot or an entire tree if im leaning against one.
  • Lucky SAT cant fight (neither can her stand user ahaha) so its more of a defensive/gimmicky stand.

I also drew Ryan and his stand, Black Betty! I know a bit about it but he can talk more about it if he wants!