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Wanderlust: Dampalit Falls, Los Baños, Laguna

“Para lang siyang gripo na mataas.” That was how my classmate described Dampalit Falls to me. With that information, I did not expect a nice surrounding. I imagined it literally as tall and slender water falling with small pressure. Yes, just like a faucet with slight water coming out.

Guess what, I was totally wrong. It was more than a faucet; it was really a jaw-dropping falls.

Once I and my friends reached the falls, we began to feel the very cold wind together with the drizzles coming from the waterfalls.  It was so relaxing. In fact, the beautiful surroundings and atmosphere made us want to swim and sleep in the cottages more than do what we needed to do which was to shoot.

Everything in that hidden paradise was like swinging me to sleep as I try to lie down to one of the cottages under the blue sky peaking to the green leaves on top, while the cold breeze caress my skin as the birds sung lullabies to me.

It was like a lifetime supply of water. Besides having the falls filling the long Dampalit river, it is literally the residents source of water where they put several hoses that creeps to the whole barangay like a long twisted snakes spitting water for their needs.

At first, I asked myself “Ano to?” when I saw the creepy looking hoses on the sides of the path way, then I realized that it was the supply of water of every house in that barangay. I can’t imagine how, but it was so nice to know that the non-stop water from the falls is really beautiful and useful as well.

Dampalit falls is a 30 minute walk away from the main road of Ibarang Street near Lalakay. Don’t worry, the path is not that high. In fact, the not-so-high mountain part is just a 10 to 15 minute hike then all other paths are flat. You will not get tire that much.

There’s no need to spend large amount of money because the entrance fee is only 20 pesos. That small amount helps them in their undergoing project in developing the place more.

Besides, there’s no need to be scared because there are people in the small houses where you can ask directions so that you won’t get lost. Also, they keep the paths lighted up once the sun hides. But I suggest, don’t wait for the sun to hide before leaving the falls just to make sure you’ll be home safe.

You’re an adventure-hungry like me? Go out and see this jaw-dropping falls in Los Baños, Laguna.

For all you know, I’ve been in Los Baños for a long time but I never imagined that there was this beautiful falls around us, which made me think that this place really has a hidden beauty.

Try going on adventures too! It’s fun, swear.

I really can’t wait to go on adventures more in the future. You can suggest places where I can visit. :)

Take chances. :)