damp comic


Also, Vanellope and Ralph as sirens. Sirens are basically horrible, horrible mermaids that appear in one of my original stories. In the context of being sirens, siren!Vanellope would be a straggling orphan that siren!Ralph’s clan came across in their migration, and he basically adopted her (after getting the chief’s permission of course). Also, as a side note, mutations like this would totally be possible in sirens - though Ralph’s fairly exaggerated here. But still! Sirens got funky genes, and those funky genes get even more funked up veeeery easily.

I’m totally drawing these two in the background of the grotto scene…


how about a trip down Memory Lane this lovely afternoon?

Old characters from a story of mine called DAMP… I remembered them at random a little while ago, so I decided to draw them in my current style! and all I can say is, WOW, I’m a LOT better at drawing now than I was back when I made these dorks. xD
That said, though - I haven’t changed anybody’s designs here (except for mistakes in my memory), so the design work on ‘em was always pretty solid!

I just realized what Damp’s daemon would be

he’s a rat who had a name at one point but now Damp just calls him Rat, which he’s pretty miffed about; he seems to remember something about who Damp was before he got banged on the back of the head but it’s not clear at all and that just frustrates him further. he generally hangs out in Damp’s pocket or in his hat and is an incredible clean-freak and gets into terrible arguments with Mordecai’s bobcat Padraic