I feel like I should care more about Nina leaving tvd but honestly literally they can do the show without Elena. JP ruined her character so much and everyone always complains about how selfish she is. For the past 3 seasons since Rebekah called her out on her bullshit people have been saying, “I hope Elena dies!” Well now the writers can actually fulfill all your wishes and fantasies and give her an epic death. 

What I’m really sad about is no more Katherine Pierce. That being said I think Nina is a phenomenal actress and I will definitely miss her.

Can’t say I’m gonna miss Delena tho.

Petition to make Bonnie the new lead.

Breakin' Bread - BBoy Battle, Va Beach, Va

I spent the eve @ a BBoy battle in Va. Beach. Hip Hop is an education and I am its most eager student, KRS said it best “Rap is something you do, Hip Hop is something you live!” I was living life to the fullest tonight and to be able to capture some of the illest moments and freeze them in time was an experience to say the least.
I saw little kids no older than 5 getting on the floor and giving it all they’ve got strictly for the love of Hip Hop and BBoying. Sistas were getting busy as well, it was like seeing some exotic dance being performed that captured everyones attention, time stood still and the floor was theirs, no interruptions, no distractions, nothing but this beautiful, rhythmic, energetic dance!
Dj’s on Technic 1200’s were in full E-F-F-E-C-T (say it in RAKIM voice) and the bass was knockin, hard enough that I could feel it in my chest and that was a good thing. I felt like I was in BX (the Bronx) back in the day checkin my cousins, and it made me miss home, home as in Hip Hop when mc’s would actually have fun when they rhymed, when BBoys and DJ’s were actually part of a mc’s performance, when having good fun was fun. I miss home and yes I used to love H.E.R. This evenings events gave me a glimpse of what REAL Hip Hop used to be, could be and SHOULD be!! I know that music mimics nature and we just need to have patience and wait for the season (Hip Hop) to return, but until then we have to support the elements of hip hop, good music and continue to watch it grow and mature into what we all know that Hip Hop can be. Thanks for checkin me and I hope you enjoy the pics. CLICK THE LINK ABOVE
Peace and One Love Fam,