I’m tired of comparing myself to these tumblr boys. I don’t look like my pics every day. I don’t even look like I do in my pics most of the time. I just want to attract people to my blog so I have people to speak to when I write.

Fuck it. Fuck this place that sculpts imperfection into a perfection so artificially beautiful the ones who worship it hurt themselves.

Fuck this.

Fuck us.

Fuck me.

Fuck you.

I edit my pics. I know my angles. I haven’t posted a picture of my body in months because I feel like I let myself go.

I feel ugly. I feel old.

Good goddamned morning tumblr.

New York was hot.

It’s only going to get hotter. Tomorrow is DC, and then Richmond to visit pamplemousseonesixseven! Florida the next day. Tropical Storm Chantal may prove interesting.

Today we decided to get a pint after walking around. It was hot. We ended deciding to go to this bar we enjoy called DBA. We went to the Williamsburg location. They were shooting a movie. We went to the East Village location. I sit down and order my pint. Bartender asks for ID. I reach into my wallet. My drivers licence wasn’t there. I had left it in a safe place to make sure it wouldn’t get lost.

Bartender refuses to serve me.

All I wanted was a beer.


- DA


This makes me so happy.