By My Side // Delena

Sitting on the couch in the parlor, Damon nursed his third glass of Bourbon. The savory, spiced liquid went down smooth as always, taking his mind off of the troubles currently at hand. The funeral had been one hell of a crazy time and then off course getting shot in the parking lot with wooden bullets didn’t help matters. Not to mention the firm punch to the side of the jaw from Stefan. Of course he understood his brother’s rage; Elena and himself practically had vampire sex in the bathroom at the Grill. Then again little Miss Gilbert didn’t truly understand the weight of blood sharing and that was most definitely his fault. A part of him felt guilty for not explaining the act in more detail, but another part of him was singing with a euphoric high due to the event. Blood-sharing was the most intimate act two vampires could have with one another; sex even coming in second to the closeness level that this possessed. Damon had tried to reason with Stefan that it wasn’t the worst thing that could happen, at least they hadn’t fed off of each other at the same time. Of course, that landed him with another heavy handed knock to the jaw by his jealous baby brother.

To put the cherry on the cake, St. Stefan had issued a memo to attend his version of a memorial service outside at the high school. Unable to cope with the situation, although that’s not why he claimed to have left, Damon decided to linger at the old cemetery. Speaking out loud to Alaric’s spirit had taken it’s toll emotionally, leading the vampire to consume far too much liquor before returning back to the boarding house. A tiny thought had surfaced to leave Mystic Falls come morning, but here he was sitting on the sofa in the mid afternoon sunlight.

Taking his final sips of Bourbon, he set the glass down onto the coffee table before leaning back and relaxing. Within a seconds time there was a knock at the door, causing Damon to groan as he got to his feet. Gliding off to the front door he took his time, not expecting anyone, so they could just wait a minute. However as he opened the door the allure of a chocolate stare caught his eye. She was unexpected, but he couldn’t help the small flutter in his dead heart at her sudden appearance. “Yes, Elena?” he smirked, trying to take on the persona of his usual self, even though he felt anything but these days.