Hey Guys!

Since we are all patiently waiting for TVD S6, we thought we’d do a TVD Hiatus Meme! Here are the catagories!

1 season


3 kisses or hugs

4 angst scenes

5 events (dances, balls, etc.)

6 relationships (friendships, lovers, enemies, family, etc.)

The meme will start on the 10th of June, and finish at the end of the month! Remember to tag all you’re edits with #tvdhm!

I was tagged by my twinsie Stephanie

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping.

  1. Only You Can Save Me- Darin
  2. I Promise you- Selena Gomez
  3. Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran
  4. Let Her Go- Passenger
  5. In Case- Demi Lovato
  6. Royal- Lorde
  7. When The Darkness Comes- Colbie Caillat
  8. Roar- Katy Perry
  9. All In My Head- Tori Kelly
  10. Feel So Close- Calvin Harris
  11. Love Don’t Die- The Fray
  12. Dark Side- Kelly Clarkson
  13. A Year Without Rain- Selena Gomez
  14. Miss Jackson- Panic! At The Disco
  15. Reason- Epic Pop
  16. Hazy- Rosi Golan
  17. In My Head Loreen
  18. Want You Back- Cher Lloyd
  19. Wings- Birdy
  20. Dark Paradise- Lana Del Rey

Yeah my music task is everywhere haha.

I tag: Giulia, Liv, Nat, Jess, Chrizta, Juliete, Angela, Tina, Amaa, Elizabeth


It has officially been two years since I started this blog, time flies! I am so grateful for the people I have talked to and grown to love. This blog was originally just a place to talk about TVD and Damon/Elena, but it has become so much more. I have created great friendships and support systems that help me on the daily basis, I am so grateful for all of you, thank you ♥ (if you are bolded I have been following you for 2 years [or close to it], so congrats! italics are mutuals :D) I also decided to throw in some of the multifandom/other blogs I follow for my multifandom blog kissingkillian

abc: allisonagernt ღ alwaysurvive ღ arrowsargent ღ atwoods ღ becauseiamthatselfish ღ bellamyfuckinblake ღ bigbadvampire ღ ccaptain-oats ღ cantlosedelena ღ captnbarnes ღ clarkegriffines ღ collinsdobrev ღ cosimas

def: dalarenzo ღ damon-salvatore ღ damonsalvat0re ღ damonselvatore ღ damonsjourney ღ damonswarriorqueen ღ datherine ღ daydrunkdamon ღ daylightring ღ deanwinchesterss ღ debeklena ღ deelena ღ delenafantasy ღ delena-is-my-life ღ delenasalvation ღ dirtywithdamon ღ dobrevacurls dobrevawes ღ dobrevsnina ღ dobrheva ღdomesticdelena draculena drunkdalaric elenasdamonღ emmaswans ღ ezra-fitz findmelydia frankenwolff

ghi: gilbertelena ღ gilbertte ღ guardiansammy ღ haleyjamess ღ iansbitch ღ ianslooch ღ iansomerhaldervevo ღ iftherewasnodamon ღ ikisseddamon ღ indamonseyes isobelstevenz ღ itsdamonsalvatorebitches iwantyoudamon iwaspromisedhedonism

jkl: jensensakles ღ jerlenas ღ kevinmckidd ღ lastisle ღ leave-me-hypnotized-love ღ ledelenadiaries ღ lovesyoufromtheground ღ lunaluvsgood

mno: mamasalvatoreღ mariana-foster ღ martinlydias moriartvs ღ mydelenasheart ღ mysteriousdamon ღ nataliedormering ღ nathanshales ღ nianslooch niansomerhalderღ niklaushale ღ ninadobrevstan ღ oberynmatell obriends octaviagriffins onetrueslayer

pqr: pauwesleys ღ pehtrovafire ღ penelopedavis ღ purriedwards ღ queengilbert ღ queergranger ღ rebekahmikalson ღ rebekahmikleson ღrobertdownay ღ robinsreginas

stu: shanonrutherford ღ shawnphunters ღ slayings ღ smccallski ღ somerhaldah ღ somerhaynes ღ somer-halders ღ spencershastings ღ standbydamon ღ swanatlast teddywestside ღ thenightofthecomet ღ ty-lena ღ twin-flames

vwxyz: warpsex ღ wherewereyoudamon ღ wildfire-attraction zachroerigs

other: -damons  1864damon

anonymous asked:

Tumblr Users Questions: 4, 8, 16, 17, 18, and 19.

send me some numbers :))

thank youu :)

 4. Which blogs are “Your most liked and reblogged blogs”? (i didn’t feel like taking a screencap)

 8. How many followers do you have? more than I deserve, 1662

16. Who do you get messages from the most? it just depends who i’m talking to at the moment, sometimes i go weeks without messages from people and sometimes i get like 20 lol

17. Who told you about tumblr? already answered but no one, google did

18. Why did you stay on tumblr? the amazing beautiful klaroline fandom :)

19. Do you consider yourself “tumblr famous” or famous in your fandom? nooo, i don’t think so.