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Would include:
- Damon cooking for you
- They will always help you out
- Very protective
- They first have to approve a boy before you can bring him home
- They will annoy you
- Always joking around with them
- Cuddles
- You can talk with Stefan about anything
- A lot of house party’s


Damon x YoungVampire!Reader

Damon smiled as he lounged in the setting sun, sipping at the glass of bourbon in his hand and the satisfying feeling that tomorrow was Saturday and as of yet, not a single bad thing had happened that week.


“There is nothing that can make this week bad.” Damon muttered to himself as he put his feet up on the balcony ledge.


A small indignant squeak had Damon taking a deep breath, vowing to end whatever was ruining his pleasant week. He was completely taken back by the sight that met him. He’d left the boarding house door wide open to let the cool air in, knowing this weekend most of the gang would be staying he wanted the house to be aired and cool.


The other side of the invisible barrier was a teary eyed child, skin sizzling from the rays of sunlight that caught her, ramming painfully hard into the barriers trying to get inside. Damon didn’t think he’d ever seen such a tiny vampire, she was over all rather sweet looking, big eyes and knee high socks with little T-bar shoes and a short cotton dress that would have been a light green if it wasn’t for the blood soaked into it.

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Everyone pointing out the inevitable... DELENA in love 


Damon: “Stefan what your looking at?”
Stefan: “more like who, look at her, she’s beautiful”
Damon: “oh yeah she is! Go talk to her”
Stefan: *smiles* “i don’t know”
Damon: “Oh come on i didn’t know you had a shy side, go talk to her before i do”
Stefan: “okay okay i’m gonna talk to her”