The difference between Delena breakup & Stelena breakup

Parallels the Vampire Diaries; 2x06 || 5x10

also in delena’s breakup, elena is a vampire with her humanity turned on. and apparently EVERY emotion is heightened, so she would feel more heartbroken, and so would damon, than what was shown in the delena breakup, whereas in the stelena breakup both stefan and elena are devasted completely, so she’s either sired still, or she didn’t love him nearly as much as she loved stefan, not even a tenth as much.

Damon Salvatore [5x09 The Cell]

Points for optimism, but unfortunately, Stefan doesn’t even know this place exists. (…) The first year I thought he’d rescue me. Didn’t. Once I escaped, there was no point in giving him more to feel guilty about, so I never told him what happened here.

I never told anyone.