singingcaroline's follow forever

I’m just making this list because I’m bored and because I want to let people know how much I love their blog.

  • damonbigbadvampire - Simone is just this really sweet girl who I’ve known as long as I’m on tumblr. She really likes the same music, books, series and films as me and we talk about all of that a lot. She and her blog are just amazing, everyone should follow!
  • fearlessherondale - I follow Annk for as long as I can remember and a few months ago, she followed me too c: I was really happy because she really was my favorite tumblr. She’s really nice, and her blog is perfection.
  • niandobreva - Meg is my supersweet parabatai, yes official, we did the ritual and all hahaha. Also she loves exactly the same things as me, and I just love her very much. If you don’t follow her yet (what would be a same ‘cause she’s fab) than you should NOWW. 
  • tabira/elenabitesdamon - I know Tabira for quit a long time now, and I just really like her. She’s really honest about everything and loves to give her opinion on everything hahaha. 
  • the-end-part-two - Rae and I follow eachother quit a long time but we never really talked at all. Until she sent me a really sweet message and we started talking about all our favorite books. She’s is really nice, and you should definitely follow her :)
  • katherinepiercecurls - I really love Rossana’s blog, it really is perfection. She ships the same things as me, and is really always nice to everyone even tho she’s really fab hahaha.
  • sweetklausoline/statesofmate - Kristen is this really sweet extreme klarolinefangirl hahaha. She’s really nice, and her blogs are amazing :)
  • sinnerlikedamon - Jordi and her blog are both perfect, she’s really nice and she loves the same things as me so she has to be perf hahaha no kidding. Just go follow her c:
  • lasairiona - Sonja is just the best. She’s always so nice and sweet. She’s just perfect and I love her very much.

My other favorite blogs with really sweet owners:

claceher0ndale - cl4ce - carolinecharm - dobrevascharm - katherine-s-power - starcrossedshadowhunter -  wewerentalwaysmonsters - mybooksmyworld - siredtosourwolf - klausycurls - clarissarunes - themortalinfernaldiaries

I’ve finished my follow forever for elenabitesdamon. Sorry for the stupid picture for my followforever, lol, did it fast. Get explanations and more here



My favorite blogs of 2012
List with my favorite tumblr people/blogs who also follow me c: