On Kol OOC and Kolvina

I still don’t understand why people think Kol falling in love and caring for Davina is totally OOC. As others have pointed out, he has always been the outsider amongst his siblings and has rarely had anyone on his side at this point. When he died the second time around only Rebekah and Davina made a solid effort to bring him back..that was it. Klaus and Elijah barely mentioned him and I don’t think Freya mentioned his existence until the last episode. (Also not sure why she never thought about helping Rebekah find a spell to bring him back..) Right there you have it. Davina focused all of her energy on finding a way to bring Kol back and he knew that. It was made clear that she was doing everything possible to help and save him. Even months after he died, she was relentless. She did it. She was the one to bring him back. She IS the one that is always there for him. She’s providing the love, support, and trust he’s never really experienced.  

I also think it is made clear that this experience is new to him. He needed Freya to confirm for him that Davina “did right by him.” It was like he was unsure what to do in this type of relationship. When he had to decide to stay and help his family or go back to Davina that night he recognized that his loyalties had to be split. He would help his family but not at the expense of Davina’s happiness. She did right by him and he realized he had to do right by her. That this is how a relationship works. Give and take.

And the age situation…people…Elena and Caroline were both 16 when they hooked up with Stefan and Damon in the 1st season of TVD…Davina is at least 18 at this point. Probably 19. She seems younger because the entire cast of The Originals and the storyline is based on older characters. TVD revolved around the life of a 16 year old girl, the originals is revolved around the lives of 1,000 year old characters. This cannot be used as an arguing point. 

Yes Kol is/was a crazy phsycotic vampire but that doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love! Just a few examples of “bad” vampires that have fallen in love on this show

1) Season 1 Damon

2) Ripper Stefan

3) Silas

4) Klaus

4) Julian

5) Enzo 

If they can all fall in love, Kol can too. Let characters develop. He obviously still has problems with his dangerous nature but it isn’t farfetched to say Davina is changing him and helping his character become a more complex addition to the show. If you want him to stick around for the long run you can’t expect him to go around killing everybody in sight with no consequences and no remorse. Even Klaus and Elijah would not accept that behavior at this point. He can’t be the same Kol from The Vampire Diaries if we want him to be on the show in the long run. 

Not Fade Away | Delena

Dear Diary,

It happens most nights. I’ll be sweetly dreaming something – nothing too special or memorable – when I’m called back to consciousness and promptly thrust awake with a gasp, a surge of pain. I’m unable to move in that moment; sometimes I’m even unable to breathe. And so I lie there on my back, distressed and overwhelmed by discomfort, by everything that I’m feeling but always fail to express. I don’t understand what’s going on half of the time. Not anymore. It’s like I’m being pulled in two completely opposite directions with equal intensity. There was a time when it wasn’t equal, when it wasn’t even close to being equal. That concept is still hard to grasp.

In my mind, I relive the moment over and over again my head. Each time, the scenery is different. It never looks the same. I can’t remember it, but I know what he told me. I know what was said. And although it changes every single time, the ending always remains the same. He says what he needs to say, I stand there motionless, and he disappears.

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Poison | Damon & Serena

Damon’s tent seemed just as good a place as any to visit that night. Despite everything that happened – despite the fact that not even a week ago she had decided to stop consuming vampire blood for good – Serena was giving in. After the initial shock, her gut reactions, the paranoid fear that something would happen, that Damon would request she give him something in return, she had calmed significantly. It’s going to be fine, she repeated as she fetched herself a sweater before leaving her own tent and quickly making her way to his. It seemed like Serena’s problems never stopped increasing, the negative influences in her life overpowering the positive. Truthfully, the only positive influence at the moment was Nate. Her friendship with Blair had fallen to pieces, her addiction still controlled her, and even though she hadn’t always realized it, he had never stopped being her light at the end of the tunnel. He was the one person she could turn to in her times of need.

Now, though — now she didn’t know where else to turn. There are some problems too paramount to discuss with others, the sort of things that a person needs to work out for themselves. Serena realized now that she had been going about this problem all wrong. Her equation, her formula, was entirely incorrect. The means and the ends didn’t measure up, they didn’t equate, it was just a trick of the light, a smudge on her non-existent whiteboard. Cutting herself off entirely would only make her crave the substance more, and perhaps she simply needed to learn to limit her intake. Then and only then could she attempt to stop for good.

“Hi,” she said nervously as she stepped inside his tent, biting down hard on her bottom lip. “I’m going to go ahead and assume that you know what I came here for? I don’t need to explain myself? Because I-I really just want to get it over with…”